The Way Induction Sabbath

04 - The Way (1)In a special ceremony on Sabbath, November 18, 2017, The Way Company officially became a church in the sisterhood of churches of the Minnesota Conference.

The Way was started as a strategic church plant by the Minnesota Conference to reach a large area north of Minneapolis/St. Paul, where there was no English-language church. Pastor Carlos Rodriguez recruited a core group of fourteen people from the surrounding area, primarily from the Andover Church. Together, they scouted an excellent meeting location in the Mission Chapel of the Shepherd of the Hills Lutheran Church in Shoreview, MN, directly across the street from a member who had been praying for a church in that area for 30 years. They began meeting in January 2015. The name was chosen from the verse John 14:6, “Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.”

The new church plant went through a period of struggle and patience when Pastor Rodriguez left for a call to Texas in May 2016. God sustained the new church planters, and in October 2016, Pastor Jared Little joined their efforts. They began planning activities and outreach, and the church began to grow.

04 - The Way (4)During the induction service, the church was packed with more than 80 regular attendees and guests – people who came to share in the exciting event. Pastor Jared Little shared a history of the church plant and read a brief review of the 28 Fundamental Beliefs. Elder Brian Mungandi, Conference Vice-President for Administration, called forward the nucleus of the church: leader, Pastor Jared Little; treasurer, Orion Quarnstrom; and clerk, Rebekah Berlin. He asked them to affirm their belief in the fundamentals, their love for Jesus, and their commitment to sharing the gospel. Rebekah Berlin then read the list of 32 charter members and Elder Mungandi asked for a vote to accept them.
Elder Justin Lyons, President, announced the new church. He called for a nominating committee report of church officers and Pastor Jared Little made a motion to be accepted into the sisterhood of churches. Elder Lyons accepted the request. It will be formally voted during the next constituency meeting.

Elder Lyons encouraged the new church to continue their work of sharing the gospel. He reminded everyone that God works by multiplication, which is another form of rapid addition.

Sarah Little

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