Southview Steps Out in Faith

After many years of addressing over-crowding in our church building, which was built in 1916, Southview Seventh-day Adventist Church has finally made a big move.  In the past few years, our congregation has grown to more than 550 members. We no longer had enough space in our building to support all of our ministries. Sabbath School classes were overcrowded. There wasn’t enough room in the sanctuary to hold the entire congregation, not even holding two services every Sabbath. And there wasn’t enough space in the neighborhood to park all the cars, to the frustration of our neighbors. During a business session, when presented with a few different options, our church voted almost unanimously to put our church on the market and move forward to a new home together.

After two years on the market, and a lot of showings but few offers, the church board made a decision to move forward in faith and look for a place to rent for worship on Sabbaths while continuing to keep our space for our weekly ministries. During the week that followed, we received not one, but two offers on our church. God is good! We closed on the sale of our church building in early January.  It will soon be the home of a pre-school.

The last nostalgic Sabbath in our former church home included an elder’s ordination, where we ordained our first female, young adult, African American elder; three baptisms; and our final all-church potluck.  Hearing stories about Southview’s history, how the members came together after a fire in the sanctuary, how the pews were lovingly restored, and all of the love poured into our building over the years makes the move a bittersweet one. A special message from our lead pastor, Dustin Hall, reminded us that God doesn’t want us to get so comfortable that we stop growing and reaching out in love to those in our community who so desperately need to see Jesus through us.

Southview - House of PrayerWith that, we eagerly anticipate seeing how God will bless our ministry efforts in the future!  We have rented space at House of Prayer Lutheran Church 7625 Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis for Sabbath worship, and are looking forward to finding our own new church home soon with more space and, hopefully, a parking lot. We plan to stay in the Southwest metro, so we can continue building on our vision to be a center for ministry in Minneapolis. Please partner with us in this endeavor by keeping our search for a permanent home in your prayers.

Robin Trana

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