Learn about Simple Church at this year’s Camp Meeting

06 - HorizontalSimpleChurchLogoEach year at Minnesota Camp Meeting, various breakout sessions are planned that focus on various aspects of ministry, whether that be training or preparation or inspiration. This year, Milton Adams with Simple Church Global Network will be sharing what Simple Church is and offering training on how to begin a “Simple Church.”

So, what is Simple Church? Simple Church is a global network of modern, missionary-minded people. They meet in homes on Sabbath. And all of these house churches are led by lay people, common people like you and me. The mission is to reach secular and/or unchurched people, introducing them to the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus. Why do we need Simple Church? Approximately 60% of the US population is no longer willing to walk into a conventional church.  Additionally, 104 million Americans have walked out of their local churches to “go find God.”  We need Simple Church to reach these people.

This front-line missionary work focuses on reaching secular and/or unchurched people, introducing them to the Everlasting Gospel of Jesus (Rev. 14). This is done by fostering a casual, non-intimidating environment to welcome truth seekers and support them in their individual spiritual growth. While this type of “church” may feel different or new to those of us more familiar with traditional church, this model of fellowship and worship was responsible for the wildfire-like spread of the Gospel Message in the New Testament era. Simple Church exists to go back to the New Testament model of discipleship, nurture, and church planting.

There have been several other modern terms for this type of church, such as House Church, Home Church, Organic Church, Home Meeting, etc.  For this particular Global Network of house churches, the name “Simple Church” was chosen. And http://www.SimpleChurchAtHome.com will link you directly to this network. Simple Church trains CORE4 missionaries to reach the mission fields where they live. Just as the Apostle Paul mentored others to become leaders and share the Gospel in their own spheres of influence, Simple Church strives to train leaders to continue this proven method of discipleship.

While this idea may feel “new” to those of us who grew up in a traditional church, house churches were the norm in early Christianity as believers shared the Gospel of Christ within secular cultures around the world. Simple Church decided it was time to come full circle.

To learn more about Simple Church, visit www.SimpleChurchatHome.com or come to Minnesota Camp Meeting, June 5-9, at 700 Main St. N in Hutchinson, Minnesota.

Savannah Carlson & Milton Adams

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