Safety Sabbath in Minnesota

As some of you may know, the North American Division designated March 25, 2017 as Safety Sabbath. During this Sabbath, churches were encouraged to hold a safety drill. The intent of this drill was to equip the local churches for an emergency situation, such as a fire or active shooter on campus.

There were several congregations in Minnesota who were involved with Safety Sabbath 2017, including Blackberry, Hinckley, Minnetonka, and Stillwater churches. Each church approached Safety Sabbath a little differently.

The Blackberry Church conducted a fire drill, and discussed why fire drills are important and what is expected in the event of a fire. They specifically discussed responsibilities based on location and church leadership role, and explained where to assemble. During the drill, everybody exited the building and all rooms were checked within 2 minutes and 24 seconds.

Mike Sandeen, head deacon at the Hinckley Church, invited the Hinckley Fire Department to come and give a safety demonstration. They even invited the kids to climb up on the fire truck and shoot water from the hoses! In addition, a police officer from the Hinckley Police Department visited and discussed how to handle an active shooter situation, among other things.

At the Minnetonka Church, Pastor Jason Salyers and Bob Dahl, church administrator, discussed safe practices in the event of an emergency, including where to go in the event of fire, and how to respond in other emergent situations.

Nancy Fischer from the Stillwater Church gave a safety talk to the congregation, giving instructions on how to respond in the event of weather related emergencies, fires, and active shooters. They specifically discussed where all the exits in the building were located and what to do if one of these emergent situations happened.

Thank you to the Blackberry, Hinckley, Minnetonka and Stillwater Churches for sharing what they did during Safety Sabbath.

Safety Sabbath 2018 will be another opportunity to focus on safety during church services, so if your local church doesn’t yet have a safety officer or a church administrator, start thinking about what you should od in the event of an emergency and talk to your local leaders about how to implement a safety and emergency management plan. For resources, visit

By Savannah Carlson, Director

e-TNL Staff: Savannah B. Carlson, Director; Melisa Mauk, Website-editor

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