You’re Invited to Visit Cross Bridge Fellowship

cross-bridge-article-5The vision to create an alternative Adventist worship group, based in Rochester, that would offer a more contemporary, interactive worship style began to take shape in September, 2014, when Cross Bridge Fellowship’s initial service met in a member’s home.  From the beginning, the small group felt a kinship of mission and the warmth of fellowship.

As the group began to grow, a new meeting venue was sought and a small chapel at St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in Rochester was procured.  cross-bridge-article-6The chapel provided space for a mix of talented musicians, using their chosen instruments, to lead attendees in songs of praise and worship. Pastor Bradley Booth, pastor of the Rochester SDA Church, shares sermonette duties along with a variety of members and guest speakers.

In the spring of 2016, Cross Bridge Fellowship officially became a company sponsored by the Rochester SDA Church.

cross-bridge-article-1Desiring a more spacious, technology-equipped meeting space, the planning committee voted to move again in June, 2016, this time to the Autumn Ridge Church in southwest Rochester.

While Cross Bridge does not have an official board of administration, a planning committee meets monthly.  Each monthly agenda begins by emphasizing the mission of outreach to individuals as well as the Rochester community.  Cross Bridge continues to discuss and implement a variety of outreach activities, some of which include serving meals for the Salvation Army, packing and distributing bags of personal needs items for the homeless, singing at a local care center, visiting elderly members, and packing breakfast bags for the Ronald MacDonald House.

Please, join us if you are in Rochester over Sabbath.  We would love to have you attend.  A meet and greet with refreshments begins at 10:30 a.m., music praise time follows at 11:00, after which an interactive sermonette/Bible study is presented, concluding with intercessory prayer.  Cross Bridge Fellowship is located at 3611 Salem Road SW.

Trudy Smith, Communications Secretary for Cross Bridge Fellowship

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