Hair is Love

“Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self.” 1 Cor. 13:4 MSG

At Stone Ridge Christian School, this is a principle we try to instill in our students every day. We strive to reinforce the idea of caring for others. Because of this, we are encouraged when we see our students demonstrate this trait on their own in a broader sphere than the school setting. Recently, we had the privilege of watching one of our students model this love that cares for others.

teigan-grammy-bDianna Bauer (Grammy B) had been diagnosed with a particularly aggressive cancer in 2001. She elected to have surgery, but no chemotherapy or radiation treatments. A very short time later she had to undergo surgery again, when the cancer came back. After the second surgery, she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments. While praising God for the new lease on life the treatments provided, she now had the side effect of less than satisfactory hair to deal with. She decided to wear a wig. By 2012, she had been cancer free for 10 years.

before-the-hair-cutWhen granddaughter Teigan was 10 years old, she decided to grow her hair long so she could “share it” with Grammy B. For the next several years, she would work on growing long hair.

Teigan learned she couldn’t share her hair with her Grammy just before she had it cut, but decided that since Grammy B was “okay with the wigs she had”, it would be good to share her hair with other kids that would need it. Her hair cut yielded 30” of usable hair for other cancer survivors, and was donated to Locks of Love.

“Love is kind and thoughtful…” 1 Cor. 13:4 Amp. We are so blessed to see Christ’s love through our students on a daily basis. Praise God for His children.

*For more information on Locks of Love go to

Collene Klick, Stone Ridge SDA School Volunteer

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