Photography Class Shoots International Reality Show Audition Demo


When a church member approached Stone Ridge SDA Christian School lead teacher, Rudy Carlson, about shooting an audition demo for the reality show “Alt for Norge” The Great Norway Adventure, filmed in Norway, Mr. Carlson suggested she speak with the school’s communications officer. The communications officer thought this would be a great opportunity for the school’s photography/cinematography students to have some real-world experience. As such, she met with the three top photographers in the school’s photography/cinematography class and invited them to help shoot the two to four-minute audition.

The photography/cinematography class is taken by all first grade through eighth grade students at Stone Ridge. On the day of the big shoot, first grader, Grace Cheeseman, third grader, Triniti Cheeseman, and eighth grader, Teigan Bauer, all clamored into the van, along with cameras, lenses and ancillary camera equipment.

The group visited four different shooting locations: Enger Park, Lief Erikson Park, The Union Gospel Mission and the church member’s place of business. They were working on a tight schedule, and the weatherman was calling for rain, and those of you who’ve shoot video or take pictures know how hard it can be to get what you want when you’re pressed for time. There’s always the possibility it will take multiple shots before you get it right!

That day was absolutely a gift. Everything fell into place and each of the kids got their segments right the first time! The communications officer edited the footage and the entire project was completed by that evening.

Technology is important in our society, and giving the kids get a chance to do a “real world” shoot was exciting. The fact that the school could help a church member was such a bonus. The school hopes to lay a practical foundation for expressing love for those around us, and a media competency for sharing the Gospel in this post-modern culture.

Collene Klick, Stone Ridge SDA School Volunteer

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