Maranatha School Open House

“Praise God from whom all blessings flow!”

Thursday evening, October 13, the parents, students, teachers, and constituents of the Dodge Center SDA Church were truly praising God for the generous blessing of a new school plant for Maranatha Adventist Christian School.

3-maranatha-school-open-house-wish-treeUpon entering the school, guests were greeted by eighth grader, Adeline Martin, who pointed out creative student artwork on the north wall and the wishing tree adorned with many items still needed to assist in optimum learning at Maranatha.  Guests could pick an item on the tree to purchase or donate funds.

As guests continued their tour of the building, other upper-grade students stationed throughout the plant extolled the functions and benefits of each room.  3-maranatha-school-open-house-gymSchool guests admired the expansive gymnasium, which is very much appreciated by students.  Since Maranatha’s student census continues to increase, a bigger gym has not only been more comfortable for play, but provides a safer environment.   Fewer body crashes have resulted from having ample floor space.

Students also showed off the spacious and beautiful kitchen, where guests discovered six brand-new microwaves! The microwaves have been the perfect asset in alleviating long heat-up lines during lunch periods.

3-maranatha-school-open-house-libraryNot to be forgotten during the tour were the wonderful, five-stall bathrooms featuring automatic lighting and automatic faucets! Two classrooms, a library, music room, storage room, a small bathroom by the lower-grade classroom, and workroom completed the list of must-see spaces.

After the tour, all twenty-two students treated guests to a short choir concert, directed and accompanied by Mrs. Martin, that included “The Coloring Song”, “Emmanuel”, and “The Windows of Heaven Are Open.”

3-maranatha-school-open-house-treatsNext, guests indulged in an abundant buffet table of luscious foods in the kitchen.  The open house was so well attended that even the large kitchen was jam-packed.

The crowning events were a readers’ theater based on the book of Job, performed excellently by the first through fourth graders, and the heart-felt dedication of the school building presented by Pastor Jim Martin.

Truly God’s blessings are being experienced at Maranatha School.

Trudy Smith, Maranatha Adventist Christian School Teacher

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