Tradition at Adventist Christian School

bike-a-thon-group-picBike-a-thon has long been a tradition at Adventist Christian School spanning more than twenty years. During the last ten years it has become an outreach and mission project. Through the years we have helped sponsor new cabins at North Star Camp, ADRA projects, local mission projects, and the beginning of a new school in Cambodia where Cara Greenfield, one of Mrs. Daniels’ former students, and her husband Daniel are missionaries. This year we are helping to complete the building of an Adventist church in the Philippines.

bike-a-thon-boys-runningIn the midst of many rainy, chilly days the Lord provided a gorgeous autumn day for us to enjoy an amazing time in the beauty of His creation. Students in Kindergarten through 8th grade and their chaperones collectively rode, ran, and walked 130 miles. One young man ran twelve miles, and one young lady walked a mile on

At this time the students have raised about $1,000.00; they have worked hard to gather sponsors for this project. We appreciate the willingness of those who have donated their time and funds.

We are very excited to be a part of spreading the gospel. We look forward to the day Jesus will come and we can all go home.

Sandy Daniels, Adventist Christian School in Detroit Lakes Head Teacher

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