Maplewood Academy’s Campus Ministries 2016­ – 2017

Jesus Loves              .

As our new campus ministries team met together before the coming of the new school year, we were faced with a question: What is going to be the new theme for the year 2016­2017 at Maplewood Academy? This was no easy task, for the new theme would set the stage for the spiritual programming for the whole school year. So we went right to work. We were brainstorming, debating, and elaborating on idea, after idea. Finally, we stumbled onto something that was right in front of us the whole time – Jesus Loves Me.

At the first mention of this idea, the debating ceased immediately, and everyone was on the same page. We could all relate to the beautiful theme ­ Jesus Loves Me. From the moment we accepted God into our hearts, or from the time we sang “Jesus Loves Me” in Sabbath School, this simple phrase of three words, is so meaningful, and impactful to each of us.

Therefore, we decided that Colossians 3:14 ­ “And over all these virtues put on Love, which binds them all together in perfect unity” described our mission for this school year to be the best. This year we want to fully embrace God’s love for us in every aspect of life.

To kick off this beautiful theme, we started making preparations for our very first vespers of the school year. In all activities, we are trying to illustrate Jesus’s Love for us, and how it can be seen. In the blink of an eye, we were greeting new students into the chapel to receive the Sabbath. What followed shortly after was so beautiful to see. Our Campus Ministries group came together to become one team, for one goal. The goal to be a tool for Jesus, and to show love to all. This was illustrated by singing for worship or simply sharing a miraculous story.

I know for a fact that God is with this our Campus Ministries team and our school, because without God, we are nothing. He infuses the blessing into each of our lives, and love into each of our days. So, as you proceed with your day, take time to remember how much Jesus loves YOU. Please keep Maplewood Academy in your prayers, as each one brings a wave of strength upon our school, and students.

Jesus loves

Adriana Sanchez, Junior at Maplewood Academy

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