Visioning Exploits for God in the Next Four Years

IMG_9501The Minnesota Conference held the annual workers’ meeting at North Star Camp July 31-August 4, 2016. The workers’ meeting brought together the pastors and teachers in the conference under the theme “Created.” The pastors were challenged to create a vision for their ministry. The strategic planning lead question, “What would we do if money was not an issue?” helped challenge the pastors to live stewardship in the church’s response to the challenges regarding the proclamation of the gospel. The agreement against the gospel proclamation is not a financial crisis, and focuses on streamlining resources to stay in step with local ministry.

The pastors were challenged to contemplate and be creative in developing stewardship initiatives in their local churches and communities. Time was spent looking at the Conference strategic acronym “EYES on Eternity,” where each letter spells: Evangelism, Youth, Education, Stewardship, Spirituality and Service. The pastors were challenged to work with churches in their district to make realistic projections and set achievable goals within the framework of this acronym. The challenge was to envision their work over the next four years.

IMG_9510In the joint sessions, the pastors and teachers come together to participate in several presentations on the issues of creation. Carol Raney was the primary speaker, and came to us from the Origins Curriculum Resources Project at Southern Adventist University in Tennessee. The goal was to help our pastors and teachers present Genesis 1-11, in an environment saturated with the teachings of evolution, with such clarity as to appeal and strengthen our young people and our church members in the faith. Raney covered topics like evolution defined, misconceptions about evolution, and the question of natural selection.

The Minnesota Conference has a powerful team of workers: men and women who are dedicated to the work and their calling. We pray for a total worker participation in the Conference work. The vision of the Conference is evangelism, youth participation, growth in Adventist education, and a strong spiritual church that engages the community and remains faithful as God’s stewards. Our vision is to do exploits of greater things in these four areas over the next four years, if the Lord has not come by then. Let’s keep our EYES focused on eternity.

Brian Mungandi, VP for Administration

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