Thank You Interim Superintendent for Education

The Minnesota Conference Administration honored Interim Superintendent for Education, Mindy Salyers, during Pastors’ and Teachers’ Meetings on August 2, 2016.

Mindy Salyers - NSC (002)

In late January of 2016, Mindy Salyers agreed to work 10 hours per week to fill in after long-time superintendent, Connie McCormick, retired in December of last year. Mindy was unafraid to tackle tough issues and keep teachers accountable, while always keeping a positive outlook and attitude. She was adamant about excellent communication, implementing a weekly education newsletter for teachers that featured one of the conference schools each week. She was readily available via text, email or phone for any teacher who needed advice or an empathetic ear. She attended the Mid-America Union Conference meetings in Nebraska, representing our conference with grace and poise. She organized the February and August Teachers’ meetings, ensuring relevant topics and speakers for the teachers’ continued professional development. She attended school board meetings as necessary. Mindy also performed annual evaluations of each teacher, trying something new by asking each teacher to submit a video self-evaluation, and then had a phone or in-person meeting with each teacher after reviewing their videos. Mindy went above and beyond her agreed 10 hours per week, and succeeded in bilding a stronger team of teachers during her short tenure as interim superintendent.

The Minnesota Conference was blessed by Mindy Salyers in her time as the Interim Superintendent. To express our gratitude, the Conference Administration honored Mindy with a gift and thank you card. Justin Lyons, the Conference President, asked all the teachers to join him and Mindy up-front. Lyons gave a short speech, as did Tralese Syvertson, principal of Anoka Adventist Christian School, to thank Mindy for her work and, more specifically, her kindness and love for each teacher and their schools. The short speeches were followed by a blessing upon Salyers and her family.

Mindy is married to Pastor Jason Salyers of the Minnetonka Adventist Church. They have two little girls, Brinley and Elliot, who are four and two respectively. Mindy is known throughout the North American Division for her work as an OLWEUS Bullying Prevention Specialist, and has travelled all over the United States training teachers and school administrators in bullying and how to prevent it. While working as Interim Superintendent, Mindy continued her work as a Bullying Prevention Specialist. Mindy has an MA in School Counseling, and prior to focusing on raising her two beautiful little girls, taught in various school settings.

Savannah Carlson, Administrative Assistant to the President

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