Women’s Ministry

Angelique KapilaSix years ago, I joined the Women’s Retreat for the Minnesota Conference. Since that day, the Lord has helped me find more ways to serve Him through the Conference and my local church. Women’s Ministry is such a big part of evangelism in my church; The Edge Christian Worship Center. As part of our ministry, we participate in many different classes and clubs. We learn about healthy eating and alternative, organic remedies through Essential Oils. We have enriched our minds by reading Steps to Christ and other books in our book clubs. We’ve raised money through social events to be able to reach out and support other women in need. We come together to celebrate and embrace new life with baby showers. We also support and uplift our newlyweds by hosting bridal showers, and as another ministry, we use quilting to make hats and blankets to whoever needs it. We also inspire and touch other women within our church through care packages whenever we know they need someone to remind them that we, as a church, are there for them through any trial. I am so passionate about Women’s Ministry because I was in one of those situations where a church member had lifted me up. It’s moments like those, and being able to spread the feeling I once had, that make this the beautiful program that it is. Not only that, but we do it in the name of God, which makes it all the more powerful. Aside from the help from my fellow women, there is a specific Bible verse that I always find myself coming back to in times of trouble. This verse reminds me that God will see you through any and all hardship in your life, and that He will never permit any being to move you, as long as you call upon Him. “Cast your burden on the Lord, and He shall sustain you; He shall never permit the righteous to be moved.” (NKJV Psalms 55:22)

Our upcoming events within Women’s Ministry of the Conference are:

June 11: Women’s Ministries Emphasis Day

June 12: Camp meeting Class

July 9: Women’s Ministries Offering

August 20: Prayer Walk

August 27: End-It-Now Day

October 28-30: Women’s Retreat choose-abundant-life_jpg

Hopefully you can attend and gain some spiritual enrichment. Please visit the MN conference web site www.mnsda.com for more information.

To God be the glory and all the blessings, Amen.

Angelique Kapila

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