Witnessing at a Young Age

In August of 2005, Rebecca Denniston, known as Becca, started kindergarten at Southview Christian School (SCS). In May of this year 2016, Becca became the first student of SCS to complete all 11 grades, from kindergarten through 10th grade.

When she started SCS, Becca had a love of learning about everything. Becca has always been a motivated student and a willing helper and peer tutor. However, while in 7th grade, Becca studied for baptism with Pastor Anna Romuald, who was the Southview SDA Church’s Youth Pastor and one of the original students of SCS when it started in 1996. Pastor Anna had the privilege to baptize Becca and Hannah Houchins, who as a kindergartener had started school with Becca. Becca said, “I gave my life to Jesus when I was 13. It was about 3 months after I had been baptized. I just knew that I needed Jesus, and when I got to know Him better, I knew I could never look back, and I didn’t want to.”

While searching for a way to witness during 8th and 9th grade, Becca and Hannah volunteered to do baptismal studies at school, resulting in baptisms of classmates. When Hannah chose to attend Maplewood Academy last year, Becca continued the studies with younger SCS students, and the classmates she had influenced started helping Becca with the studies.

Denniston baptismWhat was extra special about the students this past year was that one of them was Becca’s brother, Garrett, now a 7th grader himself at SCS. Along with the current youth pastor, Sean Lee, Becca was privileged with the special task of baptizing Garret on May 28, 2016, at the Southview SDA Church. In Garrett’s testimony, he thanked Becca for her influence on him and for leading him to the Lord.

Becca’s spiritual leadership will be greatly missed at SCS when she attends Maplewood Academy next year, but her influence of leading others to follow Jesus will continue with current students volunteering to continue baptismal studies with younger classmates each school year. Becca is an inspiring example of what young people can do to witness for the Lord and lead others to Jesus.

Rayleen Hansen, Southview Christian School Principal

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