Mission India

India Alt call

The 2016 MN Conference India Mission Trip in February was plagued with plenty of challenges. After much prayer the villages were selected, tickets were bought, and those needing visas had applied. It took several phone calls, but finally Pastor Doug Hardt’s visa arrived only two days before his departure. Elder Brian Mungandi’s visa had not arrived by departure time, so the original plans were readjusted. I would need to fill in until Elder Mungandi arrived. Each speaker, Pastor Eric Mokua, Pastor Doug Hardt and I would have 5 villages coming together at one center to preach the gospel each evening. The first evening, attendance ran from 30-200 in the three sites. We definitely could see the Lord’s leading.

By the third day, Sunday, our plans changed again, as Pastor Doug Hardt had some situations that arose and He felt God was leading him to return home to the United State to attend to the situation. Elder Mungandi’s visa still was not issued, but I felt strongly God’s word saying to me, “Stay on the path that the Lord your God has commanded you to follow.” Deut 6:33 The support team and speakers decided to regroup villages to two sites and each night “…the Word of the Lord continued to increase and prevail mightily..” Acts 19:20

Baptismal photo - Pastor MokuaAnother unanticipated change in plans was coming as well. The land had been bought and the church was to have been started, completed and dedicated while the Minnesota Conference mission team was in India, with the dedication planned for the last Sabbath. The land was cleared and the builder was ready to start construction, only to be told that there was objection from the surrounding community in having a Seventh-day Adventist church on that property.   Another location in the same area was selected, and again we were told “You can’t build a Seventh-day Adventist church here.” So negotiations continued with the same landowner and again “No” was the answer. Finally it was agreed to build the church in another village that had been coming to hear Pastor Eric Mokua preach.

India Baptismal photoThe Lord was determined to save His people in this area. Thirty people were already baptized in the village where the church was now going to be built. It was incredible to see many of the village people attending our meetings and coming up for prayer and asking for baptism in spite of the many challenges we encountered. The final baptism report was 169 souls and one new church started for Christ. Praise God!

Barb Christiansen

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