Kenyan Community Church Goes on a Mission Trip

KCC Mission March parade groupThe goal for the Kenyan Community Church (KCC) in 2015 was to do a mission trip into Kenya. The preparations started early in the year with the help of a local evangelist Brother Nimrod Magati. The church finally choose to go to Tabaka-Kisii in the western part of Kenya where the Adventist church has no presence. The area is dominated by the work of the Catholic mission hospital and the church’s philanthropic work in the area.

Elder Moses Makori, Personal Ministries Director at KCC, left earlier to go and make sure everything was in place. In Nairobi, he met with a team from the Colleges Adventist Student Organization (CASO), about 50 students volunteered their time to be part of the three weeks evangelistic campaign conducting a Medical Camp.

The daily program was as follows: a) Personal devotion b) Physical exercise c) joint devotion and breakfast. By 10am all participates met to go for house to house visitation, literature distribution and personally inviting people to the meetings. At noon, the evangelism team came back for lunch and rest. At 4 pm they would have a marching parade with loud music.

KCC mission Trip baptismIn the evening, Evangelists Nimrod Magati and Eliazer Obure, the local evangelists preached the everlasting gospel in the local language. These were joined by the KCC mission team, Elijah Nyambane, Geoffery Maronga, Steve Magusa, Rhonda Nyambane and others, on the second Sabbath. By the end of the three weeks, 95 souls were baptized. These were all first time Adventists.

The local Pastor and the Conference President Dr Julius Bichanga appreciated the KCC work. In the words of the local Conference President, “This is the first time we know of that brothers and sister in diaspora have come back to do such a great work like this.” Thanks to the Kenyan Community Church and the Minnesota Conference Board for the support. The Church’s next goal is to have a worship place for the souls that were baptized. Negotiations for land of where to put a place of worship are under way.

Eric Mokua, Kenyan Community Church Pastor

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