Community Service as part of Church Mission

Community Service as part of Church MissionThe Faith Church International, in collaboration with friends from other churches started to think seriously about the mission the church is called to do. The Lord wants the church to address the needs of humanity as part of its mission. (Matthew 25:31-46)

The members from the Faith Church International decided to visit and serve the homeless, either through providing dinner, providing music or providing monetary help especially in this holiday season. The first time, our church members were very emotional. Members had opportunity to interact with the brothers and sisters in the shelter and hear their life stories. As Adventist we are so accustomed to living within communities where people have good jobs, good houses and good families, so much so that this visit was really an eye opener. The members participated in helping people hit by hard times. Church member learned a lot, and they discovered that people in shelters are not bad people. Anyone can end up in a shelter. One mistake can land someone in trouble with the law and in jail and the consequences can follow one for the rest of their lives. Faith Church International realized that God called the church to minister to people, to help those that are hungry, the homeless, or those that are financially struggling. The joy and the gratitude that was expressed by these brothers and sisters became a driving motivation. God can bring good out of any situation and He definitely is doing so with this visit to the shelter. As church members we were very close but we think that we are closer to each other now.

Community Service young familyAs we interacted with these brothers and sisters, we saw the good in them and at the same time our faith was reinforced; a new spirit for service was born. Our members gained a new perspective in life. “Keep your EYES on eternity” makes sense now. There is determination to work for the good of others in showing sympathy, winning their confidence, and inviting them to follow Jesus. Members now see this kind of service as a calling and they would like to continue serving the Lord by serving others. The church members who participated in the visit are more thankful for all the blessings they enjoy, small or large. These members are praying, working, and longing for the kingdom to come.

David Kamande – Faith Church International

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