The McCormicks Retire From Ministry

15 McCormicksPastor Sherman and Mrs. Connie McCormick worked tirelessly with passion and enthusiasm to enhance Pastoral care and Adventist education in the Minnesota Conference. Connie developed a slogan AWAKE. (Ambassadors for Christ, Walking in His Steps, Anticipating His Return, Keeping His Commands, Experiencing Great Joy) . She encouraged teachers and students alike to be ambassadors for Christ, walking each day in His steps as they anticipate the soon return of our Lord Jesus Christ. She also encouraged teachers, students and the school constituency to faithfully keep God’s commandments and experience great joy. Connie brought Outdoor School to Minnesota and engaged children in the study of nature. Each year she attempted to highlight some bible characters or concepts, with emphasis on showing the loving God of creation.

Pastor Sherman was and is a praying man, visiting and praying with pastors across the conference. He shared thoughts from many of the books that he was reading. Sherman was always encouraging pastors to read to equip themselves for 21st century ministry. This ministerial couple leave behind the legacy of having a passionate desire to introduce men and women, boys and girls to the Jesus they love. Mrs. Connie McCormick’s desire to awaken people so they can really experience the great JOY in Jesus stands out. Pastor Sherman’s direct ministry to pastors as a Ministerial Director and his desire to see pastors press forward and succeed in giving meaningful ministry in whatever district they are assigned will be missed.

The Minnesota Conference owes a great deal of gratitude to Sherman and Connie McCormick for their selfless commitment to the church and the education goals of the Seventh day Adventist church. In addition to their length of service a combined service record of 64.5yrs, we will always remember them for their joy and happiness, they made all of us AWAKE and happy. We pray that their legacy will live on, not only in this conference, but in the lives of the many students and church members they served.

Brian K. Mungandi, Vice President for Administration

15 Education Two 215 Ministerial TwoIt has been a privilege to work for both Connie and Sherman. Connie is always so creative, bubbly, and full of positive courage to offer to the teachers and me. I love her cheerful giggle when she is putting up with my silliness and Sherman, he just puts up with all of it and goes on to his stash of chocolates. (He really should check with my main boss before doing that.) LOL. I will always remember the first time Connie came to my Kindergarten classroom to evaluate me, and the littlest one in the class during an activity, tattled on her, saying “Mrs. Mauk, that girl is not doing it!” I will truly miss that girl and my other boss! Keep letting your light shine for Jesus. Love you both, Melisa

Melisa Mauk, Assistant to Connie McCormick, Education Superintendent/Children’s Ministries and Assistant to Sherman McCormick, Ministerial Director

15 Inglish, DougI have had the opportunity to work with Connie on several projects, and have always appreciated her sense of mission, her dedication to her profession, and her concern over the schools, the teachers, and the students. She has always known that both programs and people matter, and that is reflected in her high standards for schools and warm personal affection for people. I join the rest of the Conference in wishing her a happy and well deserved retirement.

I have particularly enjoyed working with Sherman, especially after we formed a prayer partnership in the months leading up to the Twin Cities Evangelism event of 2015. I have appreciated his dedication, his concern for the welfare of the pastors and members of the Minnesota Conference, and his zeal for the mission of the church. On a personal level, I will miss seeing him on a regular basis. I wish my friend a long, healthy, and happy retirement, one that he has certainly earned.

Douglas L. Inglish, Director of Gift Planning & Trust Services/Personal Ministries

Connie & KathyConnie was born to mentor; a sweetheart whose heart is with children, teachers and SDA classrooms.  Her brain is ALWAYS whirring with ideas of how to better her classroom teachers, and give them and their charges a wonderful school experience. With her gentle demeanor she has endeared herself to MANY!  I wish her BEST! The BEST!  The BEST! —in her retirement and her godly life!  I will miss seeing her at educational meetings and other places where dedicated folks gather to better the lives of others! God Bless!

Kathy Bollinger, Union College Associate Professor of Education

Dwayne Mauk (MN Conference)The past couple of years, I have come to really enjoy Sherman McCormick’s friendship and his willingness to go beyond the extra mile in helping to further God’s work.  Twice I have had the pleasure of going into the Boundary Waters with Sherman, and saw parts of the country very few have seen.  It doesn’t matter the hardness of the trail, or the weather – Sherman can make it all a very neat experience.  I’ll also miss being able to knock on his door, and there is almost always a wave of the hand to ‘come on in’ and talk.  Thanks Sherman for being that type of person.

Dwayne Mauk, Associate Treasurer

Bradley BoothMerry Christmas, and happy retirement, Connie!
I know you will enjoy more time with your grandchildren. Keep doing all the things you love so much, and find the time to do lots more. Your service for Jesus never ends. May God bless you for all the years you have served in His vineyard.

Bradley Booth, Rochester SDA Church Pastor

Stan Wilkinson (Rochester pastor)Sherman, Wishing you the best upon retirement and may your blade be upon smooth waters.

Stan Wilkinson, Pastor of Duluth District

Connie taught for years at the Detroit Lakes Church school, and some of the children from our church had her as their teacher.  In all of those years I only heard praise, as both children and parents loved her.  Connie was innovative, she personally wrote, created and executed top notch programs for holidays with an array of exciting props, keeping Jesus front and center.  Connie created a once a week Home School/Church School day, and her school would bulge with children and parents.   Interesting educational crafts, stories and drama for the day were all coordinated to include a theme that the children were studying.  The Minnesota Conference made a good choice when they chose Connie as Superintendent of Education.  Connie’s goal for the Minnesota Conference Teachers is that the children know and love Jesus through their school experience.  Thank you Mrs. McCormick for your positive contribution to Adventist Education!

Sharon Erickson, Park Rapids SDA Church Member

Michael Jones 2 (Dodge Center pastor)Sherman, Thanks for taking me under your wings. I appreciate your being there for my many phone calls.
Your words of wisdom have meant a lot. Thanks for continually pointing to Jesus.
Heaven’s Blessings as you transition in ministry.
p.s. I miss you already!
Peace and Blessings,

Michael Jones, Hutchinson SDA Church Pastor

Jamie Madden (Hutchinson teacher)Connie has been a tremendous blessing to the Minnesota SDA Education Department.
Her goal has been to make our schools in Minnesota not just survive, but to thrive; she has done a lot to achieve this.  I personally appreciate her sound advice and accessibility to answer questions and walk teachers through the mirage of challenges we face each day.  All the best in your retirement Connie.

Jamie Madden, Northwoods Elementary School Principal

Tony Jasper (St Paul pastor)I have known and worked with Sherman McCormick in the Minnesota Conference now for over 15 years. It is my humble opinion that Sherman is a world-class encourager, holds and offers a huge reservoir of knowledge, wisdom and passion for the Lord’s work, and spends himself unselfishly and unreservedly in service to the Lord, His church and His people. I do not know how Sherman plans to spend his retirement, but I hope it is with the same fidelity which has characterized his years of labor.

Tony Jasper, Pastor of St Paul District

Trudy Smith (Rochester teacher)Connie McComick, you have demonstrated Servant Leadership as a friend, mentor, advisor, and spiritual influence.  You have been a constant source of support and encouragement.  Thank you.  I will miss your smiling face, soft words, friendly visits, and valuable advice.  I wish you God’s abundant blessings as you embark on another adventure that will prove just as rich and valuable because the Holy Spirit leads you.

Trudy Smith, Maranatha Adventist Christian School Teacher

15 Lyons, CarolSherman will be greatly missed in this office. A very helpful and likable soul, he is always smiling and willing to lend a hand. Whenever someone needs to talk, he is always ready with a listening ear and attentive spirit. His sense of humor was shared by all whenever he would come out of his office to remind us that we only had so many hours/minutes left to work that day. If someone called the conference for pastoral advice, Sherman was always willing to take the call and pray with people to help counsel and encourage them. And he is the best guide you could ever have through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area; not a bad cook, either!! J     Thanks Sherman for showing us the spirit of Jesus in the workplace!

Carol Lyons, Administrative Assistant to Brian Mungandi and Youth Department

Stacey Stocks (MWA teacher)Dear Connie, Thank you for letting your light shine throughout our conference for the past 5 years.  Your love for Jesus and for children is contagious and inspiring.  May your retirement bring you time to continue to serve in the ways you love for His glory.  Thank you for giving of your time and your heart to make a difference for all of the young people in the Minnesota Conference through children’s ministries and our schools.  Maplewood Academy has been and will continue to be blessed to have you and Sherman as part of our school family.

Stacy Stocks, Maplewood Academy Principal

Sherman and EricI will personally miss Sherman.  Whenever I visited the conference office, Sherman would call me into his office and have a word of prayer for me; he is indeed the Pastors’ Pastor. Blessing upon him on retirement.

Eric Mokua, Kenyan Community SDA Church Pastor

SV teachers at meetingConnie is good at planning activities during teacher meetings that are meant to relax and inspire her teachers. She willingly tackled circumstances that were hard to deal with. She tried to include every teacher and to make sure that she was fair in her dealings to everyone. We wish God’s blessings on her and her family, and we thank her for everything she has done for us.

Rayleen Hansen, Brooke Hansen and Kendra Caruthers, Teachers at Southview Christian School

Sherman OrdenaciónElder Sherman, thank you so much for being a good mentor and a good example to follow as a pastor.  Also, thank you for being part of my ordination in 2002.  May the blessing of God be with you and Connie.

Pr. Yulian Tinoco, MN Conference Hispanic Coordinator

Tralese Syvertson (Anoka teacher)Connie, there are no words to truly reveal my thoughts on working with you these last two and a half years.  I have been both challenged and supported as a teacher in the Minnesota Conference.  I have been encouraged in my Christian walk and loved as a friend.  I respect you as a professional and as a dear Christian role model.  I will miss you immensely, but feel so honored to have been able to work beside you here.  May God bless you, Connie.  May God richly bless you in this next phase of your life. Your forever friend, Tralese

Tralese Syvertson, Anoka Adventist Christian School Principal

LIly Strain (MCA teacher)Dear Connie, I have been so grateful to have you as my friend, mentor and spiritual counselor. You taught me to be patient and expand ideas in the classroom and as a leader. I know I can’t say thank you enough for having faith in me. You will be greatly missed. Best wishes for your retirement.

Lily Strain, Minnetonka Christian Academy Prek/Kindergarten Teacher

Vickie Martin (Maranatha-Dodge Center teacherI loved having Connie as my superintendent.  Her love, compassion, and creativity always shined through everything she did.  She always had the perfect words, whether it was through letters, notes, or in person.  Blessings to you, Connie!  We will miss you greatly!

Vickie Martin, Maranatha Adventist Christian School Principal

Evan Swanson (MWA teacher)Congratulations Connie on your upcoming retirement.  Just one question though—why are you retiring so SOON?  Truly you have done a good work here in the Minnesota, both as a teacher and more recently as Education Superintendent.  Thank you for sharing your skills and kindnesses with us.  Thank you for your cards, notes and  expressions of encouragement  through the years.    We will miss your frequent visits to our school, but are thankful that you and Sherman have chosen to make your home in Hutchinson.  Again, congratulations on a job well done!

Evie & Evan Swanson, Maplewood Academy Teachers

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