Keep AWAKE With Your EYES On Eternity

2015 SDA Education cross brochureEnrollment records for 2015 indicate that Minnesota Conference schools are enjoying the highest enrollment in recent years.

While Education occupies the second E in the conference’s battle cry of EYES on ETERNITY, the Education Department has further highlighted its contribution with the call AWAKE.   The purpose of AWAKE is to keep our most urgent priorities before parents and teachers.  AWAKE reminds us that we are raising a generation of children who will be:

A – Ambassadors for Christ

W – Walking in His steps

A – Anticipating His Return

K – Keeping His Commands

E  – Experiencing Great Joy!

To this end, a new brochure has been produced highlighting the core values common to every Adventist school in the state of Minnesota.  Minnesota Conference Superintendent of Schools, Connie McCormick, states “Important things are often immeasurable, such as choices to remain faithful to God, choices to belong to church and family, and choices to live empathically.  Throughout our Minnesota classrooms, children and young adults discover a friendship with God through morning worship experiences, Bible instruction, and an embedded curriculum of character that pervades all subjects and activities.  Our students are led to develop attitudes and skills for lifting the world through exemplary achievement and lifelong productivity.”

McCormick is thankful to see that there are many returning students to our schools.  She believes that this is a testament to the Christ-centered education provided by our teachers.  “We have in our Minnesota Adventist schools a dedicated teaching team.  As teachers, parents and boards come together in clarity of purpose, enrollment numbers seem to indicate a corresponding increase.”

Stacy Stocks, Principal of Maplewood Academy, says, “It has been a powerful experience talking to some of the young people in our churches during some of our recruiting trips, working with them and their families, seeing them make the final decision to join Maplewood. I am excited to see the enthusiasm and glow of spirituality on campus. The staff, the faculty and students are all excited.”

We believe that the Adventist education system provides excellent academics, where our schools provide an environment that encourages character development.  It is thrilling and indeed a blessing to see many families wisely making investments for Eternity in choosing where their young ones will attend school.

Let’s all keep AWAKE with our EYES on eternity.

Brian K. Mungandi, Vice President for Administration

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