In His Time

SCS Grades K-2 2015In 1996, Southview SDA Church in Minneapolis, MN, started the “Dream Project,” which was to create an elementary school that would hold sixty students. This project was led by Chris Kelly, the school board chair at the time. The first location was rented office space, and it started with one teacher and a handful of students. They were at that location until the official school building was finished in 2001. There were six students the first year in the new building. There are now 3 fulltime teachers, 1 fulltime teachers’ assistant, and 3 volunteers on staff who work with students in grades K4-10. However, this did not come about because of anything the teachers did. In every step of the way, the teachers have seen God working in this school and through their lives.

During the past summer, the teachers had been praying that God would send the students who needed to be at Southview Christian School this year. They started the school year on Monday, August 17, 2015 with 48 students, and the potential of two more, one of whom showed up on Wednesday and the other one who started the following Monday. This fulfilled the goal of having 50 students for the year.

At the beginning of the school year as the teachers were passing out the textbooks, they discovered that every single book publisher had sent more textbooks than had been ordered, and they couldn’t figure out why this had happened. It wasn’t worth sending the extra books back, so the teachers decided they would be able to save them and use them next year. Now they know that God ordered the textbooks for them!

SCS Grades 3-10 2015On the first Wednesday of school, Pastor G. Averalo (who has brought many students in the past) brought a new potential family. After talking with the teachers and seeing the school and students, that family went home and talked with three other families. All of them came Thursday and Friday to see the school and made the ultimate decision to enroll their children so they could start the following Monday. These four families together bought a van able to hold 10 students. The parents are taking turns driving these students to and from Southview Christian School each day.

God’s hand was seen working as the placement of the ten students in the classrooms balanced out in such a way that all three classrooms are about equal to the number of students in each of them, which has never happened before. The original goal of the builders of Southview Christian School to have 60 students has been met.

Southview Christian School was also built with the goal of being an outreach to the communities south of the Minnesota River. The gym is rented out each year to the South Metro Huskies, a homeschool basketball team group, and to the Celebration Church of Lakeville, MN, for their youth group recreation.

The Southview teachers would like to thank all the church members of Southview Seventh-day Adventist Church and their sister churches, Shakopee, Richfield, Eagan, Minneapolis First Hispanic, and Ebenezer Fellowship SDA Church for all of their prayers and support for the school. The teachers know the sacrifices that have been and are being made in order to make this school a reality and allow it to continue to grow. They truly feel God’s blessing in everything that has taken place since the beginning of this school year and in years past. Praise God from whom all blessings flow!

Rayleen Hansen, Southview Christian School Principal

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