Experiencing God in His Creation

Outdoor School class on dockAutumn days in Minnesota are always somewhat unpredictable.  This year, the middle of September presented an amazing background for what has become an annual Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventist Education Department’s Outdoor School held at North Star Camp.  There were 75 students in grades 5-8 from our SDA elementary schools and 31 adults were welcomed by the tranquil lake, flowers, wildlife, sunshine, warm weather and cool breezes rustling tree leaves.

Why Outdoor School?  Imagine studying Minnesota habitats and other scientific concepts out in nature’s lab.  Some of our schools are very small and another important aspect of this event is that the students spend time getting to know each other as they participate in various events. The most important reason has to do with experiencing God in His creation.  This year’s spiritual theme had to do with living the Christian life and following in God’s footsteps.  A couple of hikes reinforced this concept too.

Outdoor School archeryThe kids were sometimes grouped by grade level and the opportunity to get to know their cabin-mates better at meals and afternoon activities.  Some students preferred the outdoor recreational activities like capture-the-flag, basketball and 9-square.   Others loved the canoeing, rock climbing, and archery.  Some found pleasure and opportunity for artistic expression through photography and painting animals on smooth rocks.

North Star Camp is a prime location for this endeavor. This dawn-to-dark studying, playing, moving, and worshiping for the major part of four days wore a lot of people out, but many smiles and dreams of next year’s outdoor school accompanied the students traveling home.

Tralese Syvertson, Anoka Adventist Christian School Principal

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