A Reason to Smile: 2015 Twin Cities African Camp Meeting

_MG_8016Looking back at this year’s Camp Meeting, we have a reason to rejoice! July 19th – 25th , 2015, a week after the GC Session, was chosen for the Twin Cities African Camp Meeting, to allow the churches to settle after coming back from San Antonio, Texas. The camp meeting tapped into the Session delegates to be Camp Meeting guest speakers.

_MG_8019This year 2015, our main speaker was Elder Clifford Nhlapo, President of Kwazulu Natal Free State Conference of the Seventh-day Adventists in South Africa. The other speakers were Pastor Irene Ombati, Women, Children and Sabbath School Ministries Director, as well as Camp Meeting Coordinator of Nyamira Conference – Kenya. She was our Bible Study Speaker. The guest speaker for Young Adults and Leadership Lessons was Pastor Ezra Okioma – currently the Youth Director in Central Kenya Conference. Then we had Pastor Darriel Hoy, who is the Central States Conference Youth Ministry Director, guest speaker for the youth.

_MG_8026I love Camp Meeting. Camp Meeting is a time to take a break from the year’s monotony and focus on The Word of God. Camp meeting is a time when The Word is spoken with power and what an impact I have seen both in my life and in the lives of people I know.

The other reason we love the African Twin Cities Camp Meeting is that there is always good food and this year was no different. A special thanks goes to the men and women who made sure that while we were being fed with the bread from heaven, we didn’t lack the physical food. We had more than enough to eat, drink and sometimes to carry home

The climax of the camp meeting was, July 25th. Due to the usually anticipated big numbers, the auditorium of Jefferson High School in Bloomington, Minnesota was rented for the Sabbath service. The rough count was 1,196 people in attendance from over ten churches across the Twin Cities and beyond. (Our count was lower than last year)

You ask why rejoice? Why not? My answer more personal, as Pastor Nhlapo was making the appeal and one by one God’s sheep heard and recognized the voice of the Good Shepherd. By the time the call ended, tens and tens of persons had come up for a prayer of dedication and 18 men, women and children decided to commit their lives to Christ by asking for Baptism; this is why I rejoice. Amen! The good news is that 7 of those who were baptized that afternoon were from Faith Mission Church District, the district I’m privileged to pastor. Two of those seven, are people I have been working with, praying for God to make clear the way for their baptism.

When I saw them respond to the alter call, I was freshly impressed at how God works. God had a time for them which neither they nor I knew about. He sure makes all things work well in their own time.  We thank God for the success of the 2015 Twin Cities African Camp Meeting, for the seed of The Word sown, and for the souls won to the Kingdom. May God, I pray, enlarge our territory. Amen.

Enock Bigogo, Pastor of Faith Church International

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