Lives Changed at Minnesota Camp Meeting 2015

Tracy Baptism Dwane MaukEighteen-year-old Traci wanted to be baptized for the last two years. Growing up in the Hmong culture, she was not raised as a Christian. When economic struggles forced her family to move in with an aunt and uncle, they soon began to experience paranormal activities as well as demonic attacks.

A Facebook friend of hers told her about Jesus and after more attacks, she accepted Christ in her life. The attacks vanished! After studying with Mormons, and then Pentecostals she felt confused. A Seventh-day Adventist teenage friend of the family told her about what the Bible teaches, and she felt like it made sense and was the truth.

Pastor Salee and his wife Terry, living in the Wisconsin area began to mentor Traci by phone. She began to change her lifestyle and soon sensed God calling her to medical work and youth ministry. When Terry contacted Karen Lewis about mentoring Traci in Bible work, Karen suggested Traci attend camp meeting since she would be doing an entire track of seminars on Friendship Evangelism and Bible work. Terry made the arrangements for Traci to attend camp meeting and Traci loved it! She attended both the youth class as well as the Bible study classes, not only being mentored by the teachers there, but also shared her personal testimony.

Pastor Tony Jasper baptized Traci on Thursday night after the evening program. She was hugged and congratulated by all her new friends. Please continue to keep Traci in your prayers as she wants to attend a Seventh-day Adventist college this fall.

Tammy was also baptized on Sabbath at the 3:30 Music Program. Having been through two abusive marriages she was desperate for peace and truth.

I remember playing a child’s game, or so I thought, in 1980 when my journey into paganism, idolatry, witchcraft and divination began. I turned to these things with my hunger for truth, studied and practiced all of them religiously. I was using drugs and alcohol as an escape using the philosophy, “If I didn’t feel it, it didn’t happen

Last July she attended a friend’s church and heard the gospel for the very first time.   She cried like a baby with her head in her lap after the sermon. It was that day that she gave her life to Christ. She called her mother and sister, both Seventh-day Adventist Christians attending the Andover church, and asked the pastor if he knew of anyone who could do Bible studies with her. Pastor Adam immediately suggested Shannon Muehlberg who had been trained in Bible work.

Tammy baptism Shannon & AdamTammy, who loved the studies, and Shannon, became a good friend and a mentor to her. At one point, Tammy knew she needed to get rid of all her pagan, occult books and materials.   Shannon suggested she throw them in a bon fire at her house and when they prayed and threw everything in the fire, a weight lifted off her and she felt God’s peace.

One of the highlights of camp meeting for Tammy was not only her baptism by Pastor Adam Breiner, but the fact that her four-year-old grandson, Sonnie, who is being raised Muslim was able to attend camp meeting with her. Sonnie had a fantastic time in his kindergarten class and learned all about Jesus. By the end of the camp meeting he wanted to give his heart to Jesus.

Nine-year-old Micah attended camp meeting for the very first time with his grandmother Barbara. They came Wednesday night and after his primary class, ran into the auditorium class to sit with his grandma. Elder Rojas made an appeal that night asking folks to come forward who wanted baptism. Little Micah got up from his chair and immediately proceeded to the front of the platform where he promptly thought he would be baptized immediately!

During popcorn and watermelon Micah excitedly introduced his primary teacher, Ken Mayberry to his grandma and ran around with his new friends. “I love it here. I want to live here” he exclaimed to his grandma. Micah is beginning Bible studies soon and wants to be baptized.

Camp meeting is not only a time when our members come out for a season of spiritual refreshing but also gives God the opportunity to work miracles in the lives of people.  It is clear that God is working on the hearts and minds of people on this campus during camp meeting. These are just a few of the transformational experiences that were experienced on this campus.   Praise God for camp meeting!

Karen Lewis, Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists Bible worker trainer/Associate Pastor Stillwater SDA Church

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