MWA Spring Concert

The church was gathered and a candle was lit to signify the start of the Sabbath. When the school choir sung, I was touched as I listened to the songs. One of the songs they sung at the beginning of the program had these words:IMG_6674

“Make me a servant Lord, give me a willing heart
May All I do be done for you
Cleanse me and fill me anew”

How fitting that these young people sung a prayer song. You could tell it was sung from deep down in their hearts like they meant it. I looked at them thinking, here is the church now alive, the church tomorrow will have leaders. As I listened, I said a prayer asking the Lord to answer these young people heart felt prayers. I know when God answers their prayers; the church will be fine in the future.

I noticed that some of the students were Seniors. Soon, they will be ready to leave these hallowed grounds of Maplewood Academy to enter the world or go to college. I thought about my time in academy and I wondered, “Are they prepared for the challenges ahead?” Then I heard them sing:

“Order my steps in your word dear Lord,
Lead me, guide me, every day.
Send your anointing, Father I pray
Order my steps in your word”IMG_6683

“Show me how to walk in your word
Show me how to talk in your word
When I need a brand new song to sing
Show me how to let your praise ring”

I heard them sing:

“I want to walk worthy Lord, my calling to fulfill
Please order my steps and I will do your blessed will
The world is ever changing but you are still the same
If You order my steps I’ll praise your name.”

I said to myself, “How true, this world is changing. When I was growing up, there were no cellphones, no electronic notebooks, no YouTube, no Facebook, no Twitter, no Netflix, no 24 hours of TV programming.” This world is changing! The old prophet talking about our time said something like this. There will be a lot of frantic running around, to and fro, people will be trying to figure out what’s going on in the world around them, and knowledge shall be increased. (Daniel 12:4 KJV)

At the end of the concert I was confident; the future of the church is in the hands of our young people. With the assurance expressed in their music, I know that the Lord will a) fill them up b) order their steps, c) make them willing d) control their hearts e) carry them in His embrace.

When they sang the closing song, I am told that this closing song was a theme song for many generations of Adventist students in MAUC. I think it is still as powerful now as when it was first composed. “No time to tarry here, no time to wait . . . Brother, oh fare ye well, for I’ m on my journey home. Sisters, oh fare ye well, for I am on my journey home”

God bless the students and the staff for the worship that was powerful. The Maplewood Academy Spring Concert was class 1.

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Brian K. Mungandi, Vice President for Administration

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