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15 Inglish, DougI am glad that we are having the theme of stewardship for this edition of Northern Light because I am just one of those people who gets excited over the blessings that God provides to those who are faithful. The Bible is so full of His promises on this important topic and I am always up for a discussion about it.

Most of us think about stewardship on a paycheck-to-paycheck basis, in that by being faithful with each paycheck, I am able to see the blessings happen over the course of the pay period. It is also important for us to think about stewardship in the long run. Not all of our financial planning is done monthly, or even yearly. If we are wise, we are planning long term. We view finances and expenses in terms of our working lives, our retirements, our life expectancies, our rising health care needs, our long range investments, our real estate purchases, the cost of raising children through a college degree, securing our loved ones through insurance choices, and even our final expenses. We might joke about just spending what’s in the bank now and hoping it lasts until payday. But the truth is, we all spend with an eye to the future. It’s why we buy washers and dryers, instead of just using the laundromat for the rest of our lives.

Estate planning is all about the long view, on these and other issues. And it is just as important to place faithful stewardship right at the top of our long range plans as it is to place it at the top of our plans for each paycheck. Our department is eager to serve your needs not only by showing you how you can carefully plan over a lifetime to meet your changing needs, but to also talk about how good stewardship fits into your plans, and how you can make your accumulated possessions go further for you, for your heirs, and for the Lord’s work. Give us a call at 763-424-8923, and let’s talk about the blessings God has in store.

Doug Inglish, Director of Gift Planning & Trust Services

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