Takes Many to Make a Difference

In 2007, Dwayne & Melisa Mauk moved into a quiet neighborhood located in Coon Rapids, Minnesota.  After getting settled, they started to make friends in the neighborhood.  One of their neighbors, Ellen Bjork and Brandon Krogstad, became good friends of theirs, and after a couple of years, in discussing where the Mauks worked, it came out that Brandon had joined the Andover church in 2006 during an evangelistic series that David Kobliska and a visiting evangelist had conducted.  Due to various reasons, he had stopped going to church, but was still searching.

Several years later, when Ellen retired, she was also searching, and began attending church at The Edge Christian Worship Center, where Brandon would also go.  There she became friends with Lynette Hubin who worked with the Mauks at the conference office.  Shortly afterwards, Pastor Rob Lechner and his wife Dee Ann Lechner came to pastor The Edge, and became friends also with Ellen and Brandon.  Ellen joined a Bible Study group at The Edge and continued her search for her personal walk with the Lord.

The Mauks increased their prayer efforts for their neighbors, but especially for Ellen and Brandon, and often times the Lord would open the door for little discussions to happen over the years.  When the Voice of Prophecy meetings were being conducted in downtown Minneapolis at the convention center, she told the Mauks that she was planning on attending the meetings, at least definitely on the weekends, and continued studies during the week.  RSP_5742About a week into the series, she made the announcement that she was planning on being baptized on March 20, 2015 on a Friday evening, and that Brandon was rededicating his life through baptism as well.RSP_5786

It was with excitement that the Mauks were able to be a part of these baptisms. Especially since this was one of the first that they had been able to witness in seeing people choose to follow Christ and be baptized.  But it also was a reminder that often times, it takes many people and much time for a person to be brought closer to Christ.  Numerous members from the Andover church and Pastor David Kobliska (who has now moved to another conference), members from The Edge and Pastor and Mrs. Lechner, all have been a part of helping and watching and praying for Ellen and Brandon to continue their walk with Christ.   Now, the Mauks have doubled their prayers for their other neighbors who are also searching.  Time is short, and if they get to see all of their neighbors as well as family in heaven, what a reward that will be.

Dwayne Mauk

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