Reach the Other World around Us – Mission Trips

The Pine Ridge Indian Reservation Mission Trip

The South Dakota mission trip to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation was an amazing experience. We did a variety of different work projects around the mission. We had the opportunity to build a porch, chop firewood, re-do fencing, and picking up garbage around the mission. We learned a lot of things that we really did not know how to do before. It was really cool to see things come together through the work we did. Working on the reservation taught us that we all have our different strengths in different areas. But once we all used our strengths and worked together these projects came about just the way we wanted them to be. I think we could all agree our favorite part of mission trip was being able to learn from the kids at Vacation Bible School.South Dakota We believe it was really impactful for us just as much as it was for the kids. For some they had never heard about Jesus so it was really cool sharing with them our perspective about Him and His love for them. In addition to teaching kids about Jesus, they got to teach us about their culture. As well as getting to know the kids we enjoyed getting to know each other, whether we were doing kitchen clean up or going on nature walks in our free time. There always seemed to be laughter or singing in the background.

We want to thank everybody who made this Mission Trip possible. We didn’t go anywhere far, but it was still a life changing experience. We ask that you continue to pray for the children at the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation and their families, as well as for Bill and Marilyn as they continue to spread God’s message.

The Page, Arizona Mission Trip

Page ArizonaThis year I was able to go with the Dodge Center Church on a mission trip to Page, Arizona over spring break. Our goal was to get as much of the church remodeled as we could in the 10 days that we were in Page. I was able to gain some construction skills, like building and sheet rocking walls, from some of the professional contractors that came with our group. We worked on church building and also spent time in the community by showing Christ’s love to the people of Page. The Page church planned outreach activities for the Maplewood students. The outreach activities included two days of Literature Evangelism, helping in the local food pantry, and picking up trash along some of the public trails.

The most eye opening and life changing experience for me was the literature evangelism. The first day we were going out to do literature evangelism I was skeptical of it, I didn’t really want to go out of my comfort zone. I ended up having an alright experience the first day, but I decided it wasn’t the thing for me. However, Thursday afternoon came and we were going out to the Native American reservation. While spending the afternoon on the reservation I had an immense change in my attitude towards literature evangelism. I was able to meet so many incredible and friendly people. I was touched by some of their stories that they shared with us and I was humbled from my experiences, and so blessed to be given the opportunity to touch people’s lives in a way that I have never experienced before.

Brandon Rickard

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