This is New

RevSpeaksPeace“I have been a Christian since the 1980’s but this is new! I am so excited! I am eager to learn not only for myself, but for my community. My community is thirsty for satisfying truth! This is new, man this is new!”

He explained to me that, he has been to Bible School, he has worked with the Jesus film, he has been a leader in his community, but what he has learned in three days translating Boonstra messages is completely new to him. I listen to him talk and I was just amazed by the excitement in his voice. He was so surprised that the Bible contained so much historical details of human civilization.

I said a prayer in my heart for the brother and myself. He looked at me with a matter of fact look and said “I have been Christian, and yet I have learned so much in three day in these meeting. I feel that my community needs this personal experience more than all the books on the market. I need to bring some of them to these meetings.” I just couldn’t believe my ears when he said, “I know this message will bring change in their lives, this is new, man! I have never experienced something like this!”

Can I ask you to pray for this brother and let’s ask God to enlighten him with the truth? I know from my reading that in his community, Christianity is seen as something which is deviate. So let’s also pray for his protection because I know his community does not take this kind of opinion lightly, there has been a movement which seeks to purify their cultural religion. This movement has violently rejected coexistence with other religions.

Your prayers are welcome.

Brian Mungandi, Vice President of Minnesota Conference of SDA

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