The President’s Desk Updates

RSP_4134I was pleased to see the first of the “Revelation Speaks Peace” meetings go so well. All of the glitches seemed to be things easily resolved before the next meeting or two. Most of the glitches were minor challenges.

RSP_4247I was told by some of the Voice of Prophecy staff that we had over 1600 in the auditorium and about 80 in the children’s program; about 1700 total.

I haven’t heard from the live-streaming sites as to attendance yet; but, I know that the technical problem which was present during Thursday’s test has been resolved so that the remote sites had sound and video on the following nights.

There was only one significant security issue of which I was made aware – apparently an intoxicated person tried to climb up on stage just prior to the meeting. Jason Salyers, and the security team dealt with it in such a way so that most didn’t even know there had been a problem. That’s the way we like it! Please continue to pray that we have no major security challenges.

IMG_5048Our interpreters seemed to be doing a great job in spite of the fact that their video monitors didn’t work at all, the first night. The resolution on the monitors was not compatible with the video signal, but that challenge was soon remedied.

I saw lots of enthusiasm and heard many positive comments afterward. I spoke briefly with several guests, and listened at length to another. The church member who brought that particular person seemed to appreciate that I had granted so much time to her guest.

RSP_4195Our data entry team was still at work at 10:30 p.m. when I left them. Thank you again to all the volunteers, to our employees, and to the VOP. We’re in this together. I am sure God will bless these efforts. I believe He already is doing so. Let us keep lifting up Jesus.

Day Two

It was another exciting night! The Lord is blessing in spite of the minor bumps we have encountered. Some of our remote sites reported their attendance last night:

  • Bemidji had about 35 with six being guests and one an inactive member.
  • Faribault had nine meeting in an elder’s home with five being members.
  • Park Rapids had 42 with 21 being non-members. Thirteen of those had never been in the church before now. Those came because of the handbills.
  • Open Arms (in Thief River Falls) had over 50 people in attendance.

There are other locations: Arlington, Buffalo, Detroit Lakes, Pipestone, and Windom.

ADS_4105We seemed to have fewer challenges in the meeting hall on day two. Even though we started a little late, the plan at this point is to start right at 7:00 p.m. each evening.

Our interpreters started with the handicap of not having video again this evening; but, thanks to Carlos Rodriguez, they each had video by the end of the program.

ADS_4025Our live-streaming froze for about five minutes which caused most of the remote sites to switch to the DVD back-up program which was recorded back in 2005 or so. We believe we are on top of that problem now too. We will put a person on it to watch and correct the situation immediately if it goes down again.

I had a nice conversation with a couple who stopped in when the presentation was ended after the home show. They seemed genuinely excited, so I invited them to come tomorrow. They led me to believe they’d come. I gave them the handouts from the first two meetings. We’ll see….

ADS_4006Overall, I am pleased with the performance of the volunteers, employees, and VOP staff. Still, we’re just doing our part. God is the One who will draw the people to Himself. It is not our might or power; it is by His Holy Spirit. Tonight, we seemed to have our smoothest running night so far. Most of the kinks in the systems have been worked out. The Russian projector is still intermittently on and then off, and we had one remote site which had to go to DVD tonight. But, most everything else went well. We praise God for what He is doing! We thank God for your cooperation with Him!

IMG_5039I sat in the audience near several people who were using the earphones for foreign language interpretation. There was Spanish in front of me and Russian several seats to my left. I’m not sure what language was in use behind me. They seemed to appreciate the meetings. I sat next to some young adults who really seemed to be paying close attention to Shawn’s message. I am thrilled to see that people of many different backgrounds and experience are being ministered to in this process. Even though the subject hasn’t been brought up yet, I have already heard of people wanting to be baptized. I’m told that we already have ninety people enrolled in the Bible School. The VOP says that’s a great number for this early in the series.

For the remote sites, please send us attendance updates for mutual encouragement. If you have encouraging stories to share, please send those in as well. Copy them to, as well as to too.


Justin Lyons, President of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh day Adventists

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