Tele-Conferencing Revelation Speaks Peace

IMG_5047The Voice of Prophecy program, “Revelation Speaks Peace”, taking place in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is a great blessing to many people. It is amazing to see people from all walks of life flocking to the auditorium at the Minneapolis Convention Center to hear what the Bible prophecy says about the future of our world. I was taken by surprise on the opening night, February 27, 2015, to see the auditorium packed. I was surprised by what my eyes witnessed. I went to the translation booths, where interpretation is provided in six languages.

As I was getting ready to start interpreting the first night, a request came to connect Oromo language speakers in Portland – Oregon, Seattle – Washington, and other places to the Revelation Seminar via teleconference. I thought I was going to interpret only to people in the auditorium at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Little did I know that people were packed in a teleconference room to listen to the message from Pastor Shawn Boonstra. It is amazing how technology has made the spreading of the everlasting gospel much easier now compared to a few years ago. We definitely will continue using the conference call-in number to connect Oromo speakers to the Minneapolis Convention Center so that they can continue taking part in the blessings from the “Revelation Speaks Peace” seminar.

IMG_4939I learned that people are extremely hungry for the word of God, but in particular to learn the way the Seventh-day Adventists interpret the books of the prophecy. Through their network they have created a way to sneak into the convention center and get blessings from Pastor Shawn Boonstra’s presentations on prophecies of the Bible. Yes, Revelation speaks peace and those words of love and peace from the Loving God are being heard by many.

The leadership of Minnesota Conference has done a wonderful job of coordinating the resources in the conference to facilitate the program. The decision made to interpret the program to different languages is remarkable. The excitement I see among the volunteers, pastors and VOP staff is great. The main and critical question for me as pastor of the Oromo SDA Church in Minnesota is how thousands of Oromo language speakers in the Twin Cities can be reached with the “Revelation Speaks Peace” seminars. We have passed the invitation to many. My prayer is that people will respond to the voice that bids them to take part in the blessings God has sent for them. Only God can do that, but we must stay focused and pray that the message being presented changes lives.

Desta Gelgelu, Pastor of Oromo SDA church

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