Live Streaming in Pipestone

Pipestone live streamThe first two nights of live streaming Revelation Speaks Peace 2015 were almost a disaster…at least in Pipestone, MN. In preparation for live streaming Shawn Boonstra’s “Revelation Speaks Peace” throughout the month of March, 2015, the Pipestone SDA Church finally decided to invest in some new A/V equipment. The two weeks prior to the start of the series everything was running and working relatively smoothly. It was clear to many in the church that God’s hand was leading and guiding as we frantically prepared for the start of this large evangelistic event.

On opening night in Pipestone we had 33 people come out to watch the program. However, in my experience with anything related to evangelism, Satan is always looking for a way to sneak in and destroy what God has been preparing. Ten minutes before the program was supposed to start we lost one of our brand new monitors. It simply quit working! No matter what we tried to do it would not work. If that wasn’t bad enough, the live streaming that had worked just fine the night before began skipping and freezing. There was no way we were going to be able to enjoy or benefit from Shawn Boonstra’s message with a live stream that needed to buffer every 30 second.

We had been fervently praying throughout the previous weeks that everything would work according to plan, but it seemed as though God had let us down. On night two, after a repeat of night one, I went home very discouraged and defeated. I poured my heart out to God asking Him why He had allowed for such a disaster. But true to form, God HAD made provision for our little church. Just one week before, the Voice of Prophecy had sent each one of the registered live streaming sites in Greater Minnesota a full DVD set of Shawn Boonstra preaching the same messages in Arizona!

God is good! Those DVDs got us through the first two nights and by nights three and four, we were able to resolve all of our technical issues and began live streaming once more. I know that God has a great plan for our church and for the MN Conference through this series of meetings. Keep lifting up Jesus and He will draw all people unto himself.

Tyson Kahler, Pastor of Pipestone District

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