Updates from the Minnesota Mission Trip to India

India Ladies with biblesGreetings to all,

“Happy Sabbath”, we greeted the congregation and told them that we had come to preach Jesus. I had been reading in Acts of the Apostles, where I believe Peter said that he had come “to preach Jesus and Him crucified”.

One night, Keith preached the Sabbath message to approximately 400 and there were several comments on how blessed they were from the message. Praise God. When the congregation was asked to stand to show their desire to follow Jesus in Sabbath worship, they all stood! Praise God.

The congregation has been very attentive each night and during the Sabbath talk, when it was just briefly talked about Christ’s death, they broke into clapping as if on cue. This also happens while we are watching the Jesus video when miracles are performed.

We also visited three groups of believers, one in a humble, humble three-sided church with a tin roof, which had many opportunities for the rain to come through, no doors, and it was smaller than my kitchen. The other two groups are meeting in homes but have bought land to build a church. It’s really nice to see the villagers taking initiative to build their own church.

We were asked if we would change rooms at the hotel, and when we saw the new room with windows and a view rather than a cement wall we were delighted.

Please pray for us, and the villagers. The last several nights while praying for the people, Keith and I have both had people come up for prayer, and while we are praying they are overcome by an evil spirit. I just keep praying and upholding Jesus’s name and ask Him to rebuke the devil and after a period of time (one or two minutes) they go back to a normal posture. Another lady shrieks during the service but a couple of times (if I’m sitting near her), I have put my hand on her and prayed quietly and she has quit.

There are many other things to vex and annoy! But God is in charge, and flexibility is the mode!

God bless you all,

From the land of color, spice, and a growing hunger for God’s word,

Barbara Christiansen

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