The Biggest Effort

Doug Inglish (MN Conference)The biggest effort to bring the Adventist message to the Twin Cities is almost here. On February 27, 2015, Shawn Boonstra will begin meetings at the Minneapolis Convention Center, which will also be available to churches in greater Minnesota via live streaming. The event will not be streamed to metro area churches, since these congregations will be supporting the meetings directly. On March 29, 2015, Julio Chazaretta will begin his series, supported by the Spanish speaking churches of the metro area.

Almost every day, our office is receiving delivery of translation equipment, brochures, Bible Study guides, and other materials to be used in these meetings. Pastors from the area are meeting with leaders from the Voice of Prophecy and the ‘El Centinnela’ for planning sessions. Karen SV trainingTrained Bible Workers are conducting studies with interested families and sending out correspondence lessons around the Twin Cities and beyond. Volunteers are being organized to assist with ushering, translation equipment, registration, child care, camera operations, and many other vital activities. All over the Minnesota Conference, people are praying for souls to hear the gospel message.

All of this is only a fraction of what is going on to support the meetings. There is not enough space available to describe the breadth of activities that goes into an evangelism plan of this scale. And all of it, from negotiating with the parking garages to Shawn and Julio preparing their messages, is for one purpose: to grow the Kingdom of God. We are praying for at least 1,000 disciples to join us in our churches and for a total membership in our Conference of at least 10,000 by camp meeting. I don’t know if we will reach either goal, but I rejoice over every soul who chooses baptism, and I will praise God for leading all that we are ready to receive into the church.

South ViewJesus famously observed that the limit on the harvest of souls was not in the number of those who would accept the call, but in the number of those who will step forward to help. It’s the laborers who are few. If you are willing to volunteer to help gather in the harvest, please call our office. We can talk about what options there are for service, what kind of schedule works for you, and if necessary, what we can do to train you for service. God bless you all, and thank you for your sincere prayers.

Doug Inglish, Personal Ministries Director

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