Women’s Christmas Tea

tea1Every year, the Thief River Falls Church’ women put on their “Women’s Christmas Tea”, with the Christmas goodies, cup of tea, and as well as enjoying the fellowship. We started off with the ladies bringing their own tea cups and talking about the cup that they brought as well as the memories attached to them. The stories that the ladies shared varied with the uniqueness of each woman attending. Some tears, some smiles and laughter was heard as the women passed the microphone around the tables they were sitting at, and shared their memories.

One lady brought her grandmothers’ one hundred year old tea cup that was absolutely gorgeous and shiny in the twinkling Christmas lights. Another young lady shared her favorite functional mug that she uses every day. She shared that it was her favorite because it was a cup that fits nicely in her hand and was the right size for the amount of tea she wanted to drink; not having to get refills so often. One of the ladies said she didn’t dare bring her favorite cup because it had already been replaced by her family once at great expense. There were some that didn’t own tea cups, but one had gone to a friend and borrowed one. Some of the other ladies went to the Thief River Falls Community Center and purchased one just before the event.

Of course what would a Christmas tea be like without treats? The tea, wide variety of Christmas cookies baked by several of our ladies and even some delicious scones baked by Evelyn Glass were part of the treats we enjoyed that day. Barb Holt supplied healthy alternative treats which were also a very nice touch. The decorations from Middle River Garden Shop, owned by Debbie Ornquist were very beautiful. The decorators had been out in the woods gathering pine branches days before the event. Our speaker for the event was Roberta Temple from Buxton ND. Roberta is now living in Grand Forks, North Dakota where she and her husband are the pastoral couple there. Roberta is wheelchair bound after a car accident but she is not handicapped spiritually. You could have heard a pin drop as she shared her testimony of Gods leading in her life, and the theme for us to remember was that God is always with us.

Ladies with quiltBarb Holt, our famous and talented quilter, made a beautiful Christmas quilt which was one of the many door prizes. We were all happy for Terri Hams, a retired military friend of Dawn Glass, when she won the quilt. I think that some of us were even a little jealous of her at that moment.

We have since heard ladies and even some men talking about the success of this tea and they are saying “what a relaxing way to introduce our neighbors and friends to our church”. We give God the credit because it is His love that draws us and we are grateful to Him every day for birth of His Son.

Candy Kroll

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