The bonuses God gave to us through the remodeling work of our church building.

Korean Group Celebrates UpgradesSoon after I came to pastor the Minneapolis Korean Church in 2011, our board members gathered together one Sabbath. The issue was regarding the bad smell from the sanctuary. We had already come to the conclusion that we needed to replace the old carpet, but the item was rejected due to a lack of funds in our budget.

Mungandi at Korean Ch CelebIn September of 2014, three years later, we had a special ceremony to celebrate the completion of remodeling our church building, with Elder Mungandi, Vice President of MN Conference. Not only did we get new carpet installed, but new siding, new tiled floor in the dining area, new kitchen remodel, painting and rebuilt restrooms. Once we got started, we accomplished far more than we expected in 2011, even though we have about the same number of church members. We could not afford $4,000 at that time, but we invested more than $40,000 in total, and still the church budget is more sufficient than before. It is an amazing result in our view, and it is definitely our God’s big blessing for us.

Korean Church Building Painted

But I think what was more amazing was this. On one Sunday morning in 2011, our church members were supposed to gather together for general church cleaning to prepare for the coming winter; on that day we had just three people. But in this journey of remodeling work, we completed all the work by church members’ hands, except the siding and carpeting works. One young family came to church every few nights per week during the winter season. They came after their work, with their baby and his playpen, and they did the tiling and painting work. When the winter season was over they went back to their regular work. I then noticed that the other church members started to work together, and we finally finished the kitchen area and the restrooms.

I also noticed that almost every Sunday, 8 or 9 people would be working together. Almost all the male church members would be available. Two deacons would be sanding the wall of the women’s restroom to get the walls ready for painting, one elder and one deacon would be cutting woods for the new wall of the men’s restroom, two other people would be working on setting the sheetrock on one wall, and some people were on ladders. They all looked happy doing hard work.

As the pastor, I gave thanks to God because of the joy in our hearts doing something for our God. We were doing something together and we were in the same frame of mind. We invested way more than $40,000, because we invested our time and hearts in our church. I believe, now our church members love their church even more. We have better relationships between ourselves, a better facility, more enthusiasm for God and a better budget. These are all bonuses God gave to us through this journey.

Young Kim, Pastor of Minneapolis Korean SDA Church

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