Pray Regularly for the Work in Minnesota

praying_hands_by_matako13Something that encourages me is the knowledge that there are a lot of people in our Conference who pray regularly for the work in Minnesota. Not just general prayers, but rather for specific people or programs for which they personally care a great deal. They pray for their pastor, teacher, for the people in their church, and for local events. Many of them pray for institutions like Maplewood Academy or North Star Camp. And they pray for our ministries, like Education,Youth, Evangelism, or (my personal favorite) Gift Planning and Trust Services.

If you are serious about your prayer life, then like me, you want to know as much about what you are praying for as possible. When we pray with more knowledge, then there is additional precision to our prayers, and it makes the conversation with God so much easier from our perspective.

With that in mind, I want to share with you something that you can be praying for regarding evangelism. Several months ago, we set a goal for ourselves of 1,000 baptisms in the metro area evangelism meetings, and a total membership in the Conference of 10,000 by camp meeting of 2015. Knowing those goals, I am sure that there are some dedicated people who will want to include this in their daily prayers.

When I pray about our evangelism efforts, I am praying for more than just a goal for baptisms, or just a total number of members on our books, although I do include those goals. But I specifically ask God to grant us that many new disciples. By that, I mean genuine followers of Jesus Christ who understand and accept that they have a mission to grow the kingdom of God. I ask that they will join with us in all our churches to use the gifts the Holy Spirit has given them to reach out to the community, as well as to nurture our faithful members. I also ask that the members we have now will be filled with a passion to find such people and share the gospel with them. I am praying for churches that live our mission.

In addition to these prayers on behalf of our goals for our churches, I pray for the individual evangelism meetings in all our churches. I also pray for Shawn Boonstra and for Julio Chazarreta, who will be holding city-wide meetings in 2015. I pray for everyone who has a role in any of these meetings, the greeters, the Bible workers, even to the treasurers who write the checks.

Won’t you join me in those prayers? I believe in the power that comes through prayer, and I know that more people bowed in prayer for these things release blessings on all our efforts in this work. And I feel more confident going forward with the knowledge that many of you will answer this call, and turn to Heaven for help. Thank you, and God bless you all.

Doug Inglish Trust Services Director

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