Heaven Rejoiced With Rock Of Ages

On Sabbath, August 9, 2014, some of the Rock of Ages members gathered at Crystal Beach (2 PM-5 PM) to witness the baptism of three precious souls. As we sang hymns/songs fitting the occasion, it felt as if heaven had come down. It’s one of those rare occasions when the earthly things don’t seem to be of any value. All you want is to be in the presence of the Lord, praising Him for the plan of Salvation. Following the crusade, we had a potluck that we all enjoyed. I just can’t imagine what heaven will be like!

The baptism was the culmination of a two week evangelistic series/ crusade entitled, “Radical protection” by Pastor Daniel Birai, a pastor of Fort Collins Seventh day Adventist church and Eden Valley Health Institute in the Rocky Mountain conference. The meetings were held daily (6:00 PM-8:00 PM) at Holiday Inn Express and Suites, Shakopee, Minnesota.

Pastor Daniel did an excellent job. His daily messages were greatly received by both the adult and the youth. His gift of communication and the simple way of presenting the message resonated well with all who were present. He started his daily presentation by reviewing the previous night’s message, followed by his presenting a special music before preaching. His daily special music touched all those present and indeed, he has a gift of singing.

The series was so good that many wanted to extend it for two more weeks. Testimonies/speeches given at the end of the series spoke volumes of how they felt. Some encouraged him to try the ministry of music, others asked him to return next year for another crusade. It was hard to convince people that this was indeed his first evangelistic crusade and baptism

As pastor Daniel preached, his dear wife, Lydie, ministered to the kids. As a school psychologist, she blended very well with the kids. Many were moved to tears as the little ones expressed their love and appreciation of what she had taught them. His message will have a lasting impact on many long after the end of the crusade. There are some who are even now contemplating a surrender of their lives in response to the message

Like the first crusade that Rock of Ages had by Pastor Keith Hackler that touched many lives, this too went very well. We therefore cannot but praise our heavenly father for the success of our crusade. How about those baptized? The photos tell it all. It was a day they will live to remember. Behind each of them, there is a story; an amazing story that God alone understands.

Pastor Absalom Birai, Rock of Ages

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