IMG_0467The Twin Cities African Campmeeting 2014 picked up on the old Advent theme – the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, using Revelation 1:7 as the theme verse and hymn 213 as the theme song. The coming of the Lord is a major theme in the Bible. The preacher for the adult service Dr Zvandasara, asked “If this is such an important issue to God and His people why is this theme not trending? Is it because most people do not believe Jesus Christ will return?”

IMG_0473As I was listening to the camp meeting speaker, I thought to myself, “If you really think about it, it seems those who believe that Jesus will come again are very few, considering the world population. We Christians are in the minority”. In Minnesota, the membership of the Seventh day Adventists church is only 8,972. Now think about it. Minneapolis is home to 382,578 people and Saint Paul has 285,068 people. The preacher challenged those who came to camp meeting by pointing them to the theme verse, “Look, he is coming with the clouds! Every eye will see him, including those who pierced him, and all the tribes of the earth will mourn because of him. This is so. Amen.” (Revelation 1:7 CEB)

The Greek word translated “Look” probably means “attentively watching the process” The preacher said, “The writer here is saying that God wants us to experience this future event in the present, to ‘pre live’ the event, and be in the front seat. God wants us to have a handle on the event, to feel the emotion, to hear the sounds, sense the terror, see the glory and experience the joy! God wants us to know for sure that Christ’s coming is certain, so when it happens we will be able to ‘. . . say on that day, Look! This is our God, for whom we have waited— and he has saved us! . . . Let’s be glad and rejoice in his salvation!’” (Isaiah 25:9 CEB) IMG_0616Dr. Zvandasara reminded his hearers throughout this 2014 camp meeting that the Second Coming of Christ is imminent and irrevocable. It is a literal return; Christ will be accompanied by angels enveloped in clouds, the event will be a visible, public event, and everyone will see Christ. John says to us, “Behold” meaning that we are to be attentively watching the process; it is spectacular.

Throughout the Camp Meeting the preacher would ask the congregation, “What must we do to be on the right side of this event? If you have people on your mind, people that you really care about, then urge them to know Christ as Lord and Savior. Are there people you know in your community who don’t have a clue of what is going to happen to this world when Christ comes? Then tell them! IMG_0599We all have an opportunity to help people realize they are accepted in Jesus Christ, and they can come to know, love, serve, and share Him. We have an opportunity to help people to recognize that Jesus will return soon. Let’s all work to share the good news of the blessed hope. It is time you get involved. Christ Himself said He will come. That is a certain fact you can take anywhere.”

From this perspective, I think that if we really believe, if we can pre-live the event, feel the emotions, hear the sounds, see the glory of God and experience the joy of salvation, then we will be able to share the good news with a passion. You see, I have learned from my reading that the Jews believe that the Messiah is to come, so we have a link there to work with. The people of the Islamic faith believe that Christ will return so there we have a link to work with. The Hindu scriptures talk about Christ’s death, so there also we have a link. With that in mind let’s look at what God has already planted among the peoples and let’s follow what He is already doing and follow those footprints.

Dr Zvandasara continued to challenge the worshippers at camp meeting, “Don’t assume that the promise of Jesus’ return was simply an empty pledge; a crutch for the poor who need a pie in the sky. No, He will come! But between now and then, there will be tears shed, there will be wanderings, there will be separation; the separation of the sheep from the goats, the saint will inherent the Kingdom, the devil will be de·feat·ed, permanently.” Let’s therefore allow God to empower us with His energy to order our lives so that we are on God’s side.

Brian K. Mungandi, Vice President for Administration

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