Camp Meeting AHA Moments

I now believe there are more than 10,000 lakes in Minnesota….some are in the North Woods!

IMG_0290As the rains came down, part of nearly every day and night, I prayed for the tent campers. When the sun came out, had they gone home? The undaunted strung clotheslines between trees and hung their soaked clothes and bedding, hoping to dry them before the next expected downpour. As the week progressed, more tents mushroomed in the woods. Yah, sure, you betcha…true dyed in the wool Northerners!

DSC_1579My AHA moment was when Pastor John Bradshaw from “It is Written” shared his compelling experience with tongue cancer. I thought, “Where could Satan attack him harder than the very tongue God uses to spread His Good News?” During the process, he couldn’t eat and lost 40 pounds. When he was so sick, a package came in the mail – all he knew was that his friends from Minnesota were praying for him and had sent a Prayer Quilt. If the real sender was in the room, he asked for them to please let him know. I could feel many eyes from the congregation on me in wonder. After the service, I met him behind the curtain. He was so overjoyed, he gave me a big hug! I explained about my team of helpers with the Prayer Quilts Ministry; all are Christians, not all of them are Adventists. There is no noticeable difference in his powerful messages of any speech deficiencies! I told him God was not done with him yet, and that is how he feels.

DSC_1553When he left, Mic Thurber kept us riveted to our seats with his humorous and serious experiences each evening after the music….

Oh, the music went right to the soul of our beings! The Morrison family and friends seemed to have chosen just the right hymns and praise songs to bring us up to a little place in heaven. We could almost hear the angels singing along with us!

IMG_0238I, as everyone, did not get to attend all the daytime seminars, but the ones I did attend gave me much to add to my learning and educational tools. How to pack so much “good stuff” into one week is impossible!

Jon Paulien took us to the absolute importance of loving Jesus and loving each other, which cannot be separated. From some attendees, the statement was heard that his message hit, “Right between the eyes!”

IMG_0347Shawn Boonstra moved around the stage in stocking feet, and has for 20 years. His size 10 1/2 shoes are not comfortable on two different size feet….9 1/2 and 11! He shared how God led in his life and in his ministry with undeniable events, sending audiences in the most unreachable places!

Joy and humor were threaded through all the speakers’ inspiring experiences and illustrations, though some happenings were sobering and sad.

As I stopped by the office to reserve the now drenched spots for next year, I was proud to be a “Camp meeting Enthusiast!” As they say, “The Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise!” They must have been to a camp meeting week in Minnesota at some point in their lives! Anyway, I got my spot reserved! See you there next year?

Rita Tasche

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