Responsibilities Change in the Minnesota Conference

Doug InglishThe Minnesota Conference office is pleased to announce Elder Doug Inglish as the Gift Planning and Trust Services Director. He has been serving as the Associate Director in the Gift Planning and Trust Services Department for the past year. He remains committed to helping members with their gift planning and legacy needs. His other responsibilities, including Personal Ministries Director, Asbestos Manager and Property Manager remain unchanged.

_Jeff WinesOver the last four years the Minnesota Conference has made strategic decisions to put more resources toward our youth. To help facilitate this, the Conference hired Youth Director, Jeff Wines. While this was a step in the right direction Jeff was also assigned to be the Communications Director 20% of his time. In the last four years multiple areas of Youth Ministry have grown; North Star Camp, Youth Rallies, Mission Trips, Pathfinders, Adventurers, Young Adult Ministries etc. Brian MungandiWith a new Vice President, Elder Brian Mungandi, the Conference board made the decision to give him the Director of Communications role and allow Jeff to be solely Youth Ministries and North Star Camp Directors for the conference. Jeff is committed to fostering relationships with Jesus in young people and continued growth in Young Adult, Youth and Camping Ministries.

_Justin LyonsUpon stepping into the Presidency of the Minnesota Conference, Elder Justin Lyons has not only taken on the responsibility of the Conference President while stepping out of the Vice Presidents position, but has stepped back from some responsibilities and taken some new ones on. Formerly the Gift Planning and Trust Services Director, he now only advises in this area while still holding a Planned Giving and Trust Services Certificate for the North American Division. While he will still be a part of the planning for Camp Meeting, he will only be doing that as the Camp Meeting Committee Chair. Elder Lyons will now be the Evangelism Coordinator and ASI representative for the Minnesota Conference. Elder Lyons is excited about his new responsibilities and looks forward to seeing the conference connect to Jesus and grow people for His Kingdom.

Jeff Wines, Communications Director

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