Thank You

_Reggie LeachThe Minnesota Conference would like to thank our membership throughout the state for your continued faithfulness in giving, whether through your churches by traditional giving methods, or through electronic online giving. Minnesota members have been diligent in returning tithe and offerings through the last several years of economic hardship, and because of this, the Conference and its constituent churches have been able to minister to their communities, produce evangelism, and other programs that bring the Gospel to all areas of our state.

We continue to encourage online givers to select the “ACH” method over the credit card method. An ACH transaction costs the recipient (your local church or the Conference) only 14 cents per transaction, while a credit card transaction costs 1.4% of the total given. You can see that it is much more cost effective to use the ACH method. It’s a way to ensure that more of church and conference resources go toward the work of the church, rather than administrative costs for credit card usage. Of course, if a credit card is an only means of giving, we are as happy to see that gift as we are any other. We just want you to be informed of the differences if you weren’t already aware.

Thank you for your faithfulness and generosity!

Reggie Leach, Vice President of Finance

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e-TNL is an informational bulletin issued by the Communications Department of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. You are free to re-print any portion of the bulletin without need for special permission. However, we kindly request that you identify e-TNL whenever you publish these materials.

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