Preaching Seminar Held for Lay Preachers

In the Minnesota Conference on any given Sabbath, almost 70% of the churches are hearing a sermon from a lay preacher. Over 30 such part time preachers from the Winona, Dodge Center district attended a seminar on Sabbath afternoon January 18, 2014 to develop their preaching skills.

Michael JonesPastor Michael Jones conducted the seminar with tips from his personal preaching experience and shared lessons he learned while in seminary. A recent sermon transcript was presented to the group to illustrate how Pastor Jones develops his sermons. The emphasis is always to allow God’s Word to come through the preacher’s words.

The seminar was very well received and the fellowship it facilitated made for a truly high Sabbath. Thanks to Pastor Jones’ efforts and the continued work of the Holy Spirit the churches in this district can look forward to some inspired sermons from their members.

Tyler Colmen

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