Farewell Interview with Ed Barnett

Ed Shirley BarnettEd Barnett, former president of Minnesota, has accepted the presidential position in the Rocky Mountain Conference, Denver CO. “The Lord has blessed in miraculous ways in the last five years,” Barnett said. “I’ve enjoyed the camaraderie with the people in this Conference.” Ed also mentioned camp meeting and the local church as being places of connection, which he has enjoyed. He goes on to say, “The pastors and teachers are great! We will treasure the friends and acquaintances that we have made.”

The Barnett family arrived here in the summer of 2009. While here, Ed also carried the department title of Evangelism Director. Each year he would do two evangelism campaigns with a pastor in his district. He said the idea of trying “to get every church to be involved in some kind of outreach program” was one of his goals. From Barnett’s perspective each church should think about the community they live in, figure out a creative way to reach that community, and then do that for evangelism. Along with the local work of the churches, Barnett looks forward to hearing reports from the 2015 Conference-wide series and how Christ has blessed in bringing people to Him.

Watching ministries grow and being a part of that growth has been the most exciting part of Elder Barnett’s ministry here. “Seeing Maplewood Academy grow from approximately 70 students to 113; watching the project take off at North Star Camp, how the money has come in and how the Lord has blessed; and the elementary schools growing 24% this last year was awesome!” All of these areas including evangelism have lead to the Lord blessing Minnesota in “growth of around 1000 more members in the last four years.” Mission trips with the academy was also a highlight for Elder Barnett, “Being able to go to Belize on two different occasions with Maplewood Academy students and seeing the way they so openly shared Jesus warmed my heart.”

While driving through Minnesota for preaching appointments at different churches, meeting on committees, and participating in local ministry, Barnett took time to take pictures of many beautiful locations. Several of the images he took are of the North Shore and Split Rock Lighthouse. He says these will hang on his new office wall so that while he looks forward to new challenges and opportunities in the Rocky Mountain Conference, the members of Minnesota and its colleagues and employees, along with this great state, will always be remembered fondly.

An Interview with Elder Ed Barnett by Jeff Wine, Communications Director.

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