Ed Barnett Takes Call to Rocky Mountain Conference

Ed Barnett head shotEd Barnett, president of the Minnesota Conference announced Monday that he has accepted a call to the Rocky Mountain Conference in Denver, Colorado.    He will be replacing Gary Thurber who is now the executive secretary of the Lake Union Conference in Berrien Springs MI.

Barnett has served as president in the Minnesota Conference since May 2009.  During his tenure his desire to see Adventist Education, Youth Ministry, and Evangelism grow has been felt all across the Conference.  While he has been here Conference membership has grown to 8,914.

“We will miss the Minnesota Conference,” states Barnett, “because I believe the Lord is doing phenomenal things here in our state; I see it in our schools and churches across the Conference.”  He continues, “Thank you for being so faithful in each of your positions – that is what makes this a great Conference.  I will miss you.”

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