Preserving the Past, Enhancing the Future

Current Blackberry ChurchMost people who drive past Blackberry on Highway 2 in northern Minnesota don’t even know they’ve missed it.  But for those who’ve stopped to worship at Blackberry’s smallwhite church in the pines, most never forget it.

Original Blackberry ChurchIn November 1912, a 20’x30’ structure was dedicated in Blackberry as a sanctuary to the Lord.  Through the years hundreds of worshipers have met God in this space.  The building has weathered countless snowstorms and a few falling Red Pine.  Additions to the building have been made along the way, providing much needed supplementary space.

Blackberry renov2foundation pouredAs portions of the supplementary space have begun to age, the believers in Blackberry have determined that the time has come for a significant renovation.  Several years ago, the church was presented with a generous monetary gift for such a project.  Since then, much prayer and thought has gone into the plans to expand the Blackberry church building.

Blackberry renov studs on frame1One vital point was clarified through months of discussion: the members desired to maintain the original 1912 sanctuary space as the core of the church.  Expansion and renovation will provide new children’s classrooms, a new pastor’s study, new bathrooms, a kitchen, and a fellowship hall in addition to much needed updates and improvements. The project will not only preserve our history, but also enhance our future.

Blackberry renov inside drywall off to studs3Work on the project began in the fall of 2013, and is expected to be completed in early 2014.  The majority of the project will be covered by the generous financial gift, and the church aims to raise the remaining funds in the next several months.

We solicit your prayers, knowing that this new space is not an end in itself, but simply a new beginning.  Paul encouraged the Philippians to “shine like stars in the universe as you hold out the word of life” (2:15b-16a).  Our desire is that this space will serve as a platform to spread the gospel to our little corner of the world.

You can follow the project’s progress by going to our web page, There you will find project updates, a link to project photos on our Facebook page, and donation information for those who may desire to help in that way.  And don’t forget to visit us once the expansion is complete!

By Brent Lane

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