Eduard SchmidtMore than 100 people gathered for the first weekend seminar in a series being offered by the Minnesota Conference Personal Ministries department. Ed Schmidt, Associate Director of the North American Division Evangelism Institute (NADEI), and a professor at the Andrews University Theological Seminary, presented the topic Lay Model and Church Growth at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest in Brooklyn Park. Members came from seventeen churches, including one in Canada and one in Kenya.

It was an inspiring event, and participants left with a lot of things to think about, and some clear ideas on practical things they can do to share the gospel. People who would be uncomfortable giving a Bible study learned about ways they can witness that fit their own personalities. They learned that every personality type is needed to reach out to our communities. They also learned how their personal gifts complement the gifts of others, and how we can use those gifts in harmony. Since everyone who has accepted Christ as Savior is called and equipped to share with others, Dr. Schmidt showed how Jesus works in each of us in different ways to grow the Kingdom of God.

The Minnesota Conference has partnered with NADEI for a total of eight seminars, with various Seminary professors presenting a broad range of topics designed to promote healthy, growing churches. In order to make the seminars accessible to as many members as possible, they will be held in locations around the metro area. Costs are being held to a minimum, and Sabbath lunch is served.

Our next event will be November 15-17, with Dr. Schmidt returning to teach Witness for Life. Although this seminar builds on the first one, people who come without having attended the first event will learn enough about witnessing to bring positive changes to the world around them. The location has not been determined yet, but we will announce it as soon as we have settled on a venue. As before, you will be able to preregister online through AdventSource, or you may call the Personal Ministries department at the Minnesota Conference office.

By Douglas L. Inglish Personal Ministries Director Assoc. Director Gift Planning & Trust Services

e-TNL Staff: Jeff Wines, Director; Carol Lyons, Editor; Melisa Mauk, Website-editor

e-TNL is an informational bulletin issued by the Communications Department of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. You are free to re-print any portion of the bulletin without need for special permission. However, we kindly request that you identify e-TNL whenever you publish these materials.

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