Russ Bantin, new teach TRFSeventh-day Adventists in Thief River Falls voted on April 17, 2013, to re-open the doors of their school after 16 years of closure.  The new teacher, Russell Bantin, brings educational experience, a heart for evangelism, technological savvy, and love of children to the Thief River Falls community.  Accompanying Russell are his wife Amy and three children, Caleb, Sarah and Anna.

Nearly all church members have participated in individual and corporate work bees to prepare the building for the influx of youthful energy.  Closets were emptied, dumpsters filled, walls and halls painted, updates installed, and textbooks purchased, including the new “By Design” science series.  When Superintendent of Schools, Connie McCormick, came to check on progress, she was overwhelmed by improvements to the facility.  Considering that the work on revamping the school did not begin until summer, she felt what she was seeing was a miracle:  “I feel like I’m walking on holy ground!”

Another young couple, hoping to relocate, were praying for God’s direction when the wife heard a voice saying: “Thief River Falls, Minnesota”.  She and her husband looked on the map to see if there was such a place, and sure enough there was, complete with a new Adventist church school opening in the fall!  Their two children are among the seven who were “Present” for the first day of school on Monday, August 19.

We praise the Lord for the courage and dedication that has inspired this generous gift to the children and parents of the Thief River Falls community.  We are also thankful for the services of Joan Freeman who is volunteering as Language Arts teacher and general assistant.

By Connie McCormick, Education Superintendent – Minnesota Conference

e-TNL Staff: Jeff Wines, Director; Carol Lyons, Editor; Melisa Mauk, Website-editor

e-TNL is an informational bulletin issued by the Communications Department of the Minnesota Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. You are free to re-print any portion of the bulletin without need for special permission. However, we kindly request that you identify e-TNL whenever you publish these materials.

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