Prison Ministry is My Song

Prison MinistriesPrison Ministries – I love it! The Lord led me to this ministry through Pastor David Grams in December, 2010, after I found out I had a health condition which prevents me from going outside much of the year. Now that I have to stay inside, I prayed that the Lord would provide me with a ministry that would be challenging as well as fulfilling.  The Lord answered my prayers.

Prison ministry is fun for me.  I love to talk, and so writing to the guys and gals is like talking for me. In my letters to the prisoners I send extra inspirational paragraphs, songs, devotionals or missionary stories and such. One of my newer prisoners related the following experience to me after I had sent him some songs:

Charles wrote, “Your letter and songs and Bible verses are really an inspiration to me.  There are so many things in my life that are finally coming together – now that I’m not in the driver’s seat. I know I’m blessed and on the right road. People around here say they see a change in me, so I tell them it’s the new me, the reborn child.  I feel as though God has actually put His hands directly on me.  The song [you sent] was beautiful and I did my best at singing it.  I don’t have the best voice in the world, but I give it my all. The guys here ‘love’ to hear me sing; they say it’s awful.  So, I asked them to sing along and hopefully drown me out, and to my surprise they did!  We make it a daily thing now, a few times a day. So keep the songs coming.  I’ve given the guys your name and address to write to you.”

I wrote back to Charles and the choir that he has started there. I reminded them of Paul and Silas who prayed and sang to their Lord when they were in prison.

It is stories like this that give me a spiritual high. They help me stay close to Jesus myself as He continues to use me in His ministry.

By Kathy Lang

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