Results After Back to Back Evangelistic Series With Lyle Albrecht

The members of the Bemidji and Park Rapids churches are rejoicing after two back to back evangelistic series with Lyle Albrecht. The Bemidji series ran from March 16 to April 13; the Park Rapids series ran from April 20 to May 18. As you read on, the importance of friends and family in evangelism will become apparent.

The last day of the Bemidji series was a full one! During the morning worship service, Lyle Albrecht brought an inspiring message on the Resurrection. Then at 3:00pm, following Fellowship Dinner, Erin and Jerry DanLess were joined in marriage by Lyle with Pastor Ken and Karen Mayberry standing up with them. Erin and Jerry (JD) had been attending for some months at Bemidji with Erin’s two boys, Myca and Shaye. They had invited other members of their family to the meetings. In the baptism that evening, Erin, JD, and the boys, were joined by the boy’s father, Joe, and Erin’s father, Ray. In all, eleven were baptized and four became members of the Bemidji Church family by profession of faith. Shep Wilimek had been attending church at Bemidji for some time and became connected with us through his music talents. Lowell O’Brien and Arnold Anklam had been attending recently and were acquainted with Lyle from watching 3ABN. Ethelyn Collver had become acquainted with us through friends in North Dakota years ago. More recently 3ABN had been instrumental in sending her our way. Commander Robert Saddoris had been attending for some time, and had gotten to know us through Walter and Marjorie James. Rebecca and Elizabeth Himmelright had also gotten to know Lyle on 3ABN. Eunice Nyanamba has an Adventist background and is attending school in Bemidji. Janet Kern had been a member and was re-baptized. The following week, Don and Kay Shook also came in by profession of faith, after Kay’s bout with the flew prevented them from attending the last week of the meetings. They also knew Lyle from 3ABN. A total of 17 new members were added to the Bemidji Church.

The last day of the Park Rapids series was also a big day for them. Pastor Mayberry left his duties at the Men’s Retreat in good hands and drove up with Melvin Geyshick to perform the baptism at 7:00pm. Everyone who was baptized already had a connection with the Park Rapids or Hackensack churches. Cindy Tschudi had been studying the Bible with Clair and Jana Erickson. John and Emily Howland had been attending at Hackensack for a number of years and became acquainted with us through volunteering at the Share ‘n Care thrift store. Sam Ronnebaum had been bringing his son, Ricoi, to church for a few years. Henry Maki had attended a group study with Clair and Vern Erickson. Alexis Johnson had been attending with her parents Jeremy and Michelle. Larry and Margarot Flaherty had been attending events at Park Rapids for some time. Billy Fonseth and his two sons, Zander and Emry, had been attending with his mother, Karen Warnick. In all, twelve were baptized that Saturday night.

We are very thankful that Lyle Albrecht, who usually holds meetings at much larger churches, took the time to partner with us to bring in a harvest of souls. Both churches are now working intentionally to make sure that each new member continues to be mentored and descipled in the months ahead. Please remember them in your prayers.

Ken Mayberry Pastor – Bemidji District

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