Jacob Finds Answers

Sabbath, March 30, was a big day for the Park Rapids Church. Jacob Jay Mast was baptized into Christ Jesus, and became a member of His body on earth. 96 people, some members at Park Rapids, some from Wadena, and some friends of Jacob, were present to witness the event. It was the culmination of a search for answers to life’s questions which began in his Amish home. It was also the beginning of a life of sharing the happiness and peace he has found with the people around him. Andrew and Lindsay Christiansen helped him find those answers. Just before he was baptized he gave the following testimony:

Jacob Mast“Well, I know some of you heard a little bit of how I grew up from what I shared a few weeks ago here in the church. I want to share a little bit of how I met Jesus and also why I accepted Him into my life.”

“During my teenage years, I had a lot of questions about God and also why we did things the way we did in the Amish church. And every time I would ask the elders of the church or my parents, they treated me like I was rebelling against God for asking. So I was really confused a lot and often became very angry at God.”

“And as I got older, I blocked God out of my life more and more, because I didn’t want to serve a God that I had to serve in fear, or that confused me that much. So I left my family and church and looked at other things and what the world had to offer; started drinking, partying, and using tobacco; I even did drugs a few times.”

“But with all this I still lacked something and did not find answers. I was unhappy a lot but tried to burry myself with work and staying busy. But after a few years, I started getting sick of everything and getting depressed. I wondered why I was even alive and even thought of taking my own life.”

“It was at this point that I ran into some people that had experienced similar situations and could relate very well with what I was going through. They strongly encouraged me to try reading the Bible. After some time, I started reading and studying the bible. I found out that God is real, and that He is love. I also realized that the Bible is written for us as a guideline of how to live happy lives.”

“So now I was being convicted about what I was doing, because I knew that it was wrong. But I felt like I wasn’t good enough for God and could never follow what He wanted me to do. As I read and studied my Bible more, I started to realize that salvation is a gift, that Jesus gave His life for everyone, even for me. I learned that sin is death and by choosing to follow and accept Jesus, I would be given everlasting life. All I had to do was reach out and accept it.”

“Once I made up my mind to accept Christ, everything started turning out better for me. I was able to quit a lot of my bad habits and addictions. I know I was forgiven according to what the Bible says. That’s when I found true happiness and finally found what I was searching for. I feel like I matter to Him and know He has a plan for me.”

“Every day I see people around me that are searching for something just like I was at one time, and pray that God would help me to share truth with them and what God has done in my life that they might find happiness and peace also.”

“Last of all I ask that all of you would please keep me in your prayers that I can resist temptations and stay strong in times of trial and that I may grow stronger in my walk with Jesus.”

Ken Mayberry; Pastor – Bemidji District Andrew Christiansen; Bible Worker

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